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During summer, Madrid is full of life and it becomes even a mor vibrant city. The terraces in the streets, the parks full of people and the streets flooded with music and parties. If you are looking for plans to enjoy the summer nights in Madrid, let us tell you about 7 spectacular plans that you can’t miss:

Bars and Terraces on Rooftops.

A bit of terrace always feels good and even more around the streets of Madrid, where the offer it’s always growing. Undoubtedly in Madrid the terraces are one of the great attractions of summer. And the best thing is… options suit all tastes and ages, from the most chic and sophisticated to the most castizo and traditional. You can enjoy a few drinks with friends, have dinner with great views of the city or just relax while having a coffee. Some of the most popular terraces are the Hotel Urban, the Cibeles Palace and the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Madrid’s gastronomic offer does not leave anybody indifferent. In addition, during the summer months the gastronomic offer is expanded even more with the opening of the terraces and outdoor restaurants and therefore, the terrace and the rooftops are a great plan that you cannot miss. You can enjoy traditional Madrid cuisine, tapas, skewers or meals from different cultures around the world.

Shows and Theater.

If there is something special about Madrid, it’s its cultural offer. The capital has a wide range of concerts, theaters and shows and in summer they increase them even more in its cheaper version. If you visit la Villa you will be able to check out the large number of concerts and free outdoor shows during these months. You can enjoy music of all kinds, from pop rock to flamenco and jazz, on stages such as the Juan Pablo II Auditorium, the Sabatini Gardens or the Moncloa Lighthouse. Can you ask for a better scenario?

Outdoor cinema.

Another great option is the summer cinema. It is also a Madrid tradition that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, there are dozens of screens scattered throughout the city where you can watch classic and premiere movies under the stars. Some of the most popular summer cinemas are the Casa de Campo, the Plaza de España and Conde Duque. Don’t miss this plan on one of your getaways to the capital.

Night Markets.

Night markets are a popular way to enjoy food, drink and local culture in Madrid. The great advantage they present is that they are usually open at night and offer a wide variety of stalls where they sell everything from vintage decoration, accessories, crafts, second-hand clothing, luxury signature items and even fresh products. Because yes, there is more life beyond the stores that we all know.

Let us show you some of the best options here:

  • San Miguel Market: This covered market is one of the most popular in Madrid. It houses more than 30 stalls that sell a wide variety of tapas, pinchos and other Spanish delicacies.
  • San Antón Market: It is a gourmet market and also a popular place to enjoy tapas and other Spanish foods. It also houses a variety of shops, bars and restaurants.
  • El Rastro: It is one of the must-see visits in Madrid. This outdoor market is held every Sunday morning and is one of the largest in Europe. It sells everything, from antiques and furniture to clothes and souvenirs.
  • Mercado de los Desenfados: This night market is held on Friday and Saturday nights and offers a variety of stalls that sell food, drink, clothing and handicrafts.
  • Motilleja Market: This night market is held on the first weekend of each month and offers a variety of stalls that sell food, drink, clothing and crafts.

Guided Night Routes.

Night guided tours are a fantastic option to see another version of Madrid. A different and cooler way (when the heat squeezes) to discover and explore the most emblematic places in Madrid. From visiting the historic center of Madrid, visiting to see the night lighting of the city, or discovering the best-kept secrets of Madrid where you will enter dark alleys, discover legends and mysteries and visit places hidden in the eyes of most tourists.

Doing, at least, a night guided tour in Madrid should be on your list to do if you want to discover a little more of the history of this wonderful city from medieval times to the present day, where you should necessarily go through some of its most important monuments, such as the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace.

Parties and Nightclubs.

Madrid is a city that never sleeps and during the summer numerous festivals and parties are held in Madrid that make it evident. Some of the best-known festivals are the Mad Cool Festival, the Summer of the Villa and the International Classical Theater Festival of Almagro are, simply, ICONIC.

On the other hand, popular festivals are a good way to get to know the traditions and folklore of Madrid that are mythical. During the summer, several festivals are held in different neighborhoods of the city, such as San Isidro, San Lorenzo or La Paloma.

Write them down because, you can’t miss them!

Night walks.

Finally, we can’t help but recommend the walks in Madrid. Madrid is a beautiful city for a walk at night. You can tour the historic center, walk through the Retiro or climb the Moncloa Lighthouse to enjoy the views of the illuminated city.

Madrid is a city that is worth exploring at night. When the sun sets and the city lights come on, the city takes on a new life. There are many different ways to enjoy a night in Madrid, but one of the best is to take a walking tour.

There are many different night tours available in Madrid, which cover a wide range of topics and interests. From historical tours of the most emblematic places of the capital, such as ghost tours that will take you through the most haunted places in Madrid. You will learn about the stories of ghosts and legends of the city.

Today we have told you just some of the plans you can make to enjoy the summer nights in Madrid. But the truth is that the offer is practically infinite. The city offers an infinity of possibilities for all tastes and budgets.

Dare to discover it!

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