halloween en Madrid pisos de estudiantes

If you are an Erasmus student or a normal student in Madrid during Halloween, you can now enjoy different plans, here are some that could be fun for this occasion.

Tour of the San Isidro Madrid cemetery

The Sacramental Cemetery of San Isidro is one of the oldest cemeteries in Madrid, with a rich history dating back to centuries past. During the tour, you will be able to learn more about the cultural importance and evolution of the cemetery over the years.

This cemetery is home to an impressive variety of architectural styles and works of funerary art, reflecting the diversity of eras and styles in Madrid’s history. You will be able to see mausoleums, statues and monuments from different periods, which will allow you to appreciate the evolution of funerary art in the city.

This is the resting place of various historical personalities and prominent figures of Madrid. During the tour, you will be able to discover more about the life and contribution of these figures to the history of the city.

As is common in many old cemeteries, the San Isidro Cemetery also has its share of legends and interesting anecdotes. If you want to know them, we recommend you make this visit with a well-informed tour guide who could share with you some of these fascinating stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Escape Room: Murder Mystery

This Halloween in Madrid Muder Mystery returns, which is an immersive mystery experience in the Santa Bárbara palace located on 87 Hortaleza Street. When you cross its doors you will be in the early years of the 20th century, a crime will have been committed and your work will be to solve the case.

Much more than an escape room, this is a mystery game that returns to the capital in October and November after the success of last season.

You can buy tickets for €27.50.

Ghost Tour of Madrid

If you are interested in taking a ghost tour in Madrid, you have to consider the following:

Research online or consult local tourism agencies to find information about ghost tours available in Madrid. Look for reviews and recommendations to ensure you choose a quality and trustworthy tour.

Opt for a tour that has good reviews and is led by guides who are experts in the history and legends of Madrid.

Be sure to check tour times and date availability to schedule your visit. Some tours may be popular during the Halloween season, so it is advisable to book in advance.

If you’re interested in fully immersing yourself in the experience, consider dressing according to the theme and prepare to hear spooky stories and urban legends related to the places you visit.

Once the tour begins, relax and enjoy the experience. Keep an open mind and be prepared to immerse yourself in the stories and legends your guide shares during the tour.

Before planning your visit, be sure to check the safety measures implemented by the tour in relation to the current situation.

Chamberí ghost station

Chamberí station is a Madrid metro station that has been out of service since 1966. However, it has been preserved as a museum and is known as “Ghost Station of Chamberí”. It has become a place of historical and cultural interest that visitors can explore to understand the history of Madrid’s metro system. Here are some things you might expect when visiting the station:

Chamberí station offers a historical insight into Madrid’s metro system and how it has evolved over the years. You will be able to learn about its importance in the development of the city’s transportation network.

The station retains much of its original architecture and design, allowing you to appreciate what metro stations were like in the past.

In addition to the historic architecture, the station can host temporary exhibitions and special events related to the history of the metro and the city of Madrid.

They often offer guided tours to provide a more informative and enriching experience.

If you are interested in visiting the Chamberí ghost station, I recommend that you check the visiting hours and any additional information about events or exhibitions that may be happening at the time of your visit.

Halloween at the Madrid Amusement Park

The Madrid Amusement Park often organizes special events during Halloween, offering a themed experience full of excitement and fun.

The park is often decorated with Halloween themes, and some attractions may have a special theme related to the holiday, offering a unique and exciting experience.

The park could host special Halloween shows, such as themed parades, live performances, or magic and horror shows.

Important before planning your visit to the Madrid Amusement Park during Halloween, I recommend you check the operating hours and special activities offered in the park during that time.

And remember that if you plan to come to study in Madrid at Residencias Vitium we have coliving for you.

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