piso compartido para estudiantes en madrid

If you are thinking of coming to Madrid to study, starting your internship in the capital or you are just looking to live the Madrid experience, keep reading what a student apartment can offer you.

What is a shared apartment?

This is a very easy question to answer. It is something that we all have experienced since we were children,  at our family house, our grandparents, relatives, friends,… To simplify, It is a home in which we can find common spaces and private areas.

The common areas help us carry out our daily lives but also to interact with our loved ones: Cooking and eating together, watching a movie on the couch, organizing an afternoon of board games,… And then we find our private and intimate space in which we rest, refuge and keep the most private part of our life.

Why is sharing a flat in Madrid a good option for foreing students?

Moving to a foreign country does not have to mean a cultural shock, we just have to find a good environment that allows us to get used to a new lifestyle.

In a shared apartment we will find partners going through the same process as ourselves. Our roommates and even friends.

Moving to a foreign country doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch.

And if the language gets a little tricky, don’t worry! Between your spaniard roomie and the other one who speaks english, you will be able to learn languages ​​and communicate without any trouble.

Where to find shared aparments in Madrid: Vitium Residences

It is essential to live our daily lives in an orderly, pleasant spaces with good company. We help you with the small and tedious day-to-day tasks of any apartment so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than your new life in Madrid.

The Vitium Residences have the best locations in Madrid, very close to Puerta del Sol and the Royal Palace. Very well connected so you can move around the city comfortably.

Furthermore, a large part of our guests are from abroad: Europe, Asia, America,… Enjoy a multicultural experience that will make you learn and enjoy life in a different, much richer way. In Spanish and English!

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