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Student, are you looking for the city to study next year? Do you want to be sure to choose the best city where you can combine study and leisure? We can give you the perfect solution, Madrid is the city you are looking for.

Madrid is a cosmopolitan, open city, known for the open nature of its people, which will allow you to feel at home from the first moment you arrive Likewise, its excellent infrastructures and services will provide you with everything you may need during your stay.

As you can see, for the foreign student there are many reasons to study in Madrid, we want to give five important ones:

1. You will learn Spanish! If you haven’t mastered it yet

The Spanish language is one of the most important in the world. Great literary geniuses of all time, including several Nobel Prize winners, wrote their works in Spanish. Its extraordinary expressiveness and richness make it one of the most beautiful languages to study and learn. Mastering it will not only help your academic record, but will allow you to speak to the hundreds of millions of people who have it as their native language. In the city there are numerous Spanish academies for foreigners, in which you can enroll if you want to expand your knowledge of the language..

2. Prestigious universities, no matter what you study

Madrid has public and private universities, that enjoy great international prestige, whatever the subjects or courses you are going to take. The Universities of Madrid have, among their teaching staff, the best teachers and professors in the country. Likewise, all kinds of careers, courses, master’s degrees, etc. are taught in Madrid’s universities, which will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. You will be able to move around the rest of Spain in a few hours

Madrid has a privileged geographical location. Being in the center of the country, it makes it very fast to be able to travel to any point in Spain. Madrid also has an excellent communications network. It has a large and modern airport, which has numerous domestic flights. Likewise, it also has a large railway infrastructure, including several high-speed train lines, which link the capital with several Spanish cities. If you prefer to travel by car, motorways go from the capital to all parts of the country.

4. You can do tourism cultural

Spain has a great cultural wealth. This is supported by the fact that it is the third country in the world with the most places declared World Heritage Sites, only surpassed by Italy and China, and for being one of the most visited countries by people from all over the world. Madrid has a huge number of places that deserve to be visited, such as the Plaza Mayor, Plaza de España, Puerta de Alcalá, etc. . Also, the museums of Madrid enjoy great international fame, such as the Thyssen, Reina Sofía, Prado Museum, etc., considered one of the best art galleries in the world. Also, if you are a “football fan”, you will have the opportunity to visit the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, converted into one of the most modern and impressive sports venues in the world and see its impressive collection of trophies in its museum, and especially its thirteen European Cups only club in the world to own them.

From Madrid, you can also visit places like Segovia, and see its Roman aqueduct, and taste its excellent cuisine, or Toledo, known as the “imperial city”, or city of the three cultures, for having been inhabited for a long time by Christians, Jews and Muslims, and be an example of coexistence and tolerance.

5. You will enjoy the Madrid nights

Few cities in the world have the atmosphere and diversity of Madrid nights. Madrid has a large number of entertainment venues, such as discos, pubs, restaurants, etc., which make Madrid the preferred European capital for young people, due to its great nightlife. Also, the vast majority of these venues have extensive opening hours, so you can fully enjoy the night. Likewise, all the entertainment venues have adapted to the new health regulations, which will make your leisure nights fun and safe at the same time.

Student, as you can see, you no longer have to search, Madrid is the perfect city for study and leisure, everything that this wonderful and unique city offers you will make your stay in it an experience you will never forget, and our residences, located in the best areas of the city, the perfect place for your accommodation.

For more information, simply visit our website, www., or contact us at the phone number 640 07 93 22, where we will be happy to provide any additional information you need. At Vitium we count on you and we are waiting for you in this academic year, with more enthusiasm than ever.

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