Are you thinking of studying a master’s degree abroad, but your resources are limited? No problem and we will prove it to you.

We have prepared for you a very review with 10 European countries where you can study a free master.

The number of students studying postgraduate or master’s degree increases every year. Not for nothing, higher education gives the student a series of competences with which to access the labour market more easily.

Definitively, a master’s degree will get you the specialization and differentiation you need to manage your work life in the most successful way possible.

Now, you have the option of taking a master’s degree in one of the many Spanish universities, or you can choose to study in other countries. Traveling, understanding other cultures, knowing a new language and learning how to live abroad are great lessons that study abroad will bring you.

Las posibilidades de estudiar un máster en otro país de la Unión Europea son infinitas. No obstante, uno de los grandes condicionantes es la economía. Quizá ahora no puedas permitirte pagar un máster ni en España ni fuera de ella.

The possibilities of studying a master’s degree in another country of the European Union are endless. However, one of the great conditioning factors is the economy. Maybe now you can´t afford to pay for a master’s degree in Spain or abroad.

If you have investigated a little about this world you will know that in Spain there are really expensive postgraduates that can involve an investment of a few thousand euros. The price of the master’s degree in Spain doesn´t usually fall below 4,500 euros.

Although, perhaps, what you don´t know is that there are free masters that you can study in the European Union because they are open to any intra-community citizen. The only cost you will have to assume is the cost of accommodation, transports and your support in the country that you choose.

What do you think? Studying a master without paying a enrolment sounds very good, right? This savings will be a great relief for your pocket and, maybe so, if you can achieve your dream of looking for a new training opportunity studying outside your country.

¿Te gustaría conocer cuáles son esos países europeos donde estudiar un máster gratis? ¡Ahí va el recopilatorio!

Would you like to know which are those European countries where to study a free master? There goes a summary!

Study a free master in Nordic countries

Countries such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Norway are great champions of quality education. All of them offer free postgraduate training not only in their native languages but also in English, thus facilitating access to citizens of the European Union.

Also, most educational institutions do not charge enrolment fees. If this is the case, the cost is very affordable since they rarely exceed 100 euros for the entire course.

In some of these countries you can even apply for government help if you find a job as it happens in Denmark. The only downside you can find if you decide to study a free master’s degree in these countries is that living in them is quite expensive. Yes, they are countries with a great quality of life.

European countries where you can study a free master: Central Europe and Eastern Europe 

If you are looking for free training in a country that borders the excellence, your destination is Germany. It should be said that among the 1000 best universities in the world, more than 40 are in Germany. Almost nothing!

The entire university in Germany is free, the only payment that you can make is the administrative enrolment that, as in the Nordic countries, don´t exceed 100 euros per year. In addition, you can apply for scholarships to help you bear economically with your stay.

If you are afraid of German, do not worry! The offer of free masters in English is very succulent. And if you throw with the German you should know that the universities themselves offer language courses to consolidate your previous knowledge.

Austria is another of those European countries where you can study a free master’s degree. Yes you must bear in mind that you are required to pay about 20 euros per semester to be part of the student association.

We close the list of countries moving to Eastern Europe. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia or Slovakia are great options for a free postgraduate course. In case you opt for one of these countries we recommend you to have a basic knowledge of the language since only masters that are taught in the national language are usually free.

What do you think of these suggestions? Do you already have your favorite among this list of European countries where to study a free master?

If you finally choose to stay in Spain, don´t forget that our student flats in Madrid are at your disposition.

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