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Are you about to reach your university degree and think about expanding your studies? Or maybe you are looking to expand your work opportunities?

Among the different options available to you, you can take a master’s degree or access a postgraduate degree.

But … are you clear about the differences between a master’s degree and a graduate degree? Do you know what kind of training is best for your professional future?

If you still have no answer to these two questions, take a look at this post. You will discover the 4 traits that distinguish a master’s degree from a graduate degree.

With this information in hand it will be much easier for you to make the decision about what to continue studying after finishing college.

4 differences between a master’s degree and a graduate degree to help you decide

The terms masters and postgraduates are used often used indistinctly to refer to the same studies. This is a mistake. Now you will see why these two degrees are very different from what they may seem at first glance.

The only two common traits between a master’s degree and a postgraduate degree are that they are both higher-level studies (they can be pursued after completing a university degree and therefore are known generically as postgraduate studies), and that both lead to a professional specialization.

As follows, we will tell you the 4 more significant differences between a master’s degree and a postgraduate degree that you need to know.

#1 Duration and academic load of the training

The main difference between master’s and postgraduate degrees is the duration and the academic load of both formations.

The master’s degree consists of between 60 and 120 ECTS credits, and its duration is distributed between one or two academic years. In addition, the master includes the preparation, presentation and defense of a Master’s Thesis.

On the other hand, the postgraduate course (also known as postgraduate) has a lower learning load, between 30 and 60 ECTS credits. Therefore, its duration is lower compared to the master studies.

#2 Access to the Program of Study

As an essential requirement to take a master’s degree, the student is considered to have a university degree: degree, diploma or Bachelor’s degree.

However, in order to have access to a postgraduate degree, it is not compulsory to have a university education. In some postgraduate trainings they accept participants without a degree.

Sometimes, they do require at least work experience in the field or to pass an entry exam where certain minimum competences are evaluated.

In addition, you should know that, within the masters, you can choose between Graduate Diploma or Official Master. On the other hand, postgraduate studies are always Graduate Diplomas.

#3 Title obtained

After completing a Master’s degree, you will have a title in your hand that credits you as a Master. It is considered superior to the degree offered by the postgraduate in the sense that being in possession of a master’s degree means that you have university studies.

Therefore, Master’s Degree is the highest higher degree you can access. Only the doctorate is above it.

If you choose to take a postgraduate course, at the end you will receive a postgraduate diploma. If you have accessed this training without a university degree, you will obtain what is known as a “course completion certificate“.

#4 Purpose of the studies

We have left for the end the difference between master’s and postgraduate that we consider most important, and in which we advise you to base your final decision.

The master offers an advanced training oriented to specialization in a specific area through a strategic and more global vision regarding the subject of study.

Likewise, the master’s degree may be aimed at preparation in research work in case you consider taking a doctorate you consider taking a doctorate.

On the other hand, the postgraduate program is a type of training that is more focused on professionalization within a much more specific and specific field of specialization. For this reason, it has a shorter duration and is often done after completing a master’s degree as a specialty.

Which training is better: master’s or postgraduate?

The truth is that there is no study programme that prevails or is better than the other. The most important thing is that you have your objective clear so as to choose the type of training that best suits the achievement of that goal you have set.

Whatever your choice is, both a Master’s degree and a graduate degree will offer you a lot of new knowledge. These superior formations are another step on that exciting journey until you reach your professional dreams. Go ahead with it!

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