alojamiento para estudiantes en madrid

When you decide to study in another city or another country, there’re so many options we’ve regarding accommodation. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it all depends on the facilities and amenities you’re looking for. Having all kinds of comforts allows you to enjoy more of your studies and free time without worries. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a student apartment.

Advantages of staying in a student apartment in Madrid

There’re a plenty of advantages and positive things you can have when you’re sharing a flat with students of different nationalities, such as:

  • Cultural wealth

You know different cultures, have conversations with people from different places, even practice other languages. You can enjoy Madrid with them and build friendships for a lifetime.

  • Ease to focus on studies and achieve your goals

The first year of college can be hard and more when you start it in another city, or country that you don’t know. Contact with your classmates can make you more bearable the possible loneliness you may feel at the beginning, which will make it easier to focus more on studies, and of course, ask for help if you need it. A good environment makes things easier and comfortable.

  • Very good communication with the University

If you’re located in the center of Madrid you’ll get an optimal communication at the level of transportation with all the Universities of Madrid.

  • The installations and residences facilities

The facilities of a student apartment must be modern and avant-garde with exquisite design and quality to create a good atmosphere. It’s essential that the rooms are comfortable and have everything necessary to study and rest. The common areas must also be well equipped to make the stay as pleasant as possible. Living room with television and sofa, as well as a dining table where you can enjoy some time with your roommates. As for the kitchen, it is essential that you’ve all kinds of appliances and utensils for the good use and enjoyment of all the occupants of the apartment since they are ideal places to share dinners, talks or coffees.

  • Independence, no worries

The rooms of a student apartment must be individual, of course it’s possible that they’re shared, but it’s always good to have independence and privacy. Sometimes we find single bed rooms and sometimes with double bed rooms. A single room will give you more independence when studying, resting or simply disconnecting. The good thing about living in a residence is that you mustn’t worry about the costs of electricity or water, as well as the cleanliness of the room and common areas, since everything is included in the price. As well as the security that worries families so much, the residences are located in secure and video surveillance buildings. Studying and sharing space with students like you could makes you feel more motivated in your day to day.

  • You can live the experience of living in another country

It’ll certainly be a unique experience. Besides studying you can take advantage of your free time in knowing the city Madrid has a great cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer. From visiting monuments and museums to enjoying typical Spanish food in the multitude of restaurants in the city. Madrid is a city very well known in Europe for its nightlife that you can live fullest, discover its taverns, pubs and nightclubs in the different areas and environments of Madrid.

Disadvantages of a student residence

One of the disadvantages of living in a student apartment can have is that once outside the privacy that your room can provide, the rest of the areas are common, which you’ve to share with the rest of your classmates. That requires having absolute respect when making noise that can disturb or disturb the rest of your classmates.

  • The restrictions

Another disadvantage may be restrictions, they’re the least liked, but they’re mandatory for the sake of others.

You can’t have parties that disturb the rest of your classmates and, above all, the neighbors.

The common areas should be clean and tidy. Special mention to the kitchen (plates, glasses and other kitchen utensils) so as not to disturb the coexistence of the rest of the companions. Although there’s a cleaning service that is responsible for cleaning the common areas and rooms, order and cleaning by each one is very important when it comes to the common areas. The disorder or lack of cleanliness on the part of some, can harm the coexistence of others.

Take care of common elements, such as appliances or furniture. And in general, behave like adults.

Shared or individual accommodation?

There’re important things in our life that change us forever: our first job, the beginning of university, finding the love of your life or the long-awaited independence of your parents … and all are moments when it is essential to find a place to live.

Sharing an accommodation is recommended when it’s your first time away from home, in another city or in another country. Starting from scratch a single person is harder than if you do it with other people who are in your same situation, feeling supported and clothed makes facing problems and situations that could arise at any given time.

Sharing is knowing new experiences, knowing new cultures, practicing other languages.

An individual accommodation gives you the privacy of being in your own home and the freedom to do what you want without disturbing or being disturbed. But you lose those experiences and experiences that people with whom you share a certain time in your life give you.

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