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Madrid has become one of the most international capitals in Europe receiving students from all over the world. This has made the capital of Spain a dynamic, cosmopolitan and frenetic city but it has also made it difficult to find accommodation for students. Each year there are thousands of students who face the arduous task of finding a shared flat in Madrid. If this is your case, you have reached the perfect site. We will find see the student apartments in Madrid.

We believe that there is nothing in the world that gives us more life than a new experience, that nothing like an incredible adventure offers us moments that last forever and that technology can help us form a world without borders. That is why we recommend studying in another country as an opportunity to live and learn all this and that if you want to go, you must do so. We are here to help you now to find the ideal student apartment for you.

Location and price of a flat for students in Madrid

Studying and living in another country is an important investment that, with a little planning, you can get the best out of it. In addition to the cost of enrollment in the program you are going to take and the plane ticket, you should consider other expenses that you will have during your study stay: accommodation (the most important), food, services, transportation, clothing and footwear, and leisure.

In general, Madrid is not an expensive city, compared to other European capitals. The city is very well prepared to receive students, with a wide range of services for all budgets. Everything will depend on the comfort you are looking for and the budget you have. The month of September arrives and with it the beginning of the school year. At this time, there are many students, university or postgraduate, who pack to another city to face the academic year. Although rental prices are constantly rising throughout the country, this is the formula students use to live during the year. Among the parameters that you have to prevail in your search should be, of course, the price. Remember that not all neighborhoods start from the same average rental price. If you have a tighter budget, this can condition your choice quite a bit.

To give you an idea, these are the reference price ranges we have found:

  • Room in shared apartment with shared room: 500 to 650 euros / month
  • Room in shared flat with single room: 650 to 1200 euros / month
  • Study: 900 to 1,200 euros / month
  • Apartment: 900 to 1,300 euros / month

Closeness to your university

Other factors should be the proximity to the university. If Madrid is internationally known for its famous squid sandwich, its jams are less well known but much less palatable. Calculate the distance to which the university is and how long it would take to reach. You may find that perhaps locating your student accommodation elsewhere would be more profitable. In addition to these two obvious factors, be sure to inform yourself about access to other basic services such as public transport, proximity to supermarkets and other convenience stores and of course the availability of libraries and other places of interest.

Madrid areas for students

The first of all that you have to consider to rent a home is the type you want. That is, in what areas you want to live, what is the maximum price willing to pay (for this it is also important to have an x-ray of the rental prices of the area), the size of the house and its characteristics. In this last point would enter the number of rooms, bathrooms, whether it is furnished or not, if the house has an elevator or the type of energy certificate it has (it is mandatory that all homes have it).

If you have already made your decision and are looking for something in the center, fix your attention on Sol which is the center itself and therefore you have access to everything at all times, and Atocha although keep in mind that the latter will be a little more expensive . They are very interesting neighborhoods that being located in the center have prices more available to students.

Advantages of staying in Madrid center

With what student in Madrid, huh? You have reached the right neighborhood! A few meters from the residences of Madrid center you will have everything you need: one of the largest and newest shopping centers in the city, the main train station in Madrid (Atocha and Sol), the Trail for walking and shopping Sundays, La Latina to enjoy the most authentic Madrid, and also the large sports and leisure area of Madrid Río. And if culture is your thing, in the Matadero you can enjoy festivals, exhibitions and concerts all year round.

This downtown neighborhood has a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere and is full of student residences. In fact, Sol is the perfect neighborhood if you plan to meet other students because there are thousands here. If you decide, you can walk to many places and you will continue in the center of everything. Think of sharing a flat with your own room, that is, it is not an area of shared rooms.

Ready to find a home away from home? Check out: Advantages for students:

  • Free Internet connection in all our apartments
  • Excelente localización en el corazón de Madrid
  • ully equipped and furnished apartments

flat fot students in madrid

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