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Do you already have everything ready for studying in Madrid? If you are determined to leave your country to experience new cultures, new languages ​​and make new friends, your destination is Madrid.

Now, what about the accommodation? If you are thinking about renting an apartment, do you know the requirements that foreign students in Madrid need to meet? If you are waiting to find something after your arrival, we recommend you to continue reading because you will have to take several things into account that can delay your plans if you are not well prepared.

Advantages of studying in Madrid

First of all, we are going to show you some of the reasons why Madrid is your best destination to study, while being a cosmopolitan, full of culture place. We are talking about a pretty large city, the capital of Spain, and it is an excellent choice if you want to learn about different cultures. And of course, we must also make a special mention of the cultural offer of the city. If you also plan to improve your job opportunities, Madrid is one of the best places in the Spanish geography, because many companies have their headquarters here in the capital. Some of them are multinationals that offer scholarships or agreements with universities and educational centers, so Madrid is a good place to do internships while studying.

Madrid also stands out for its central location in Spain, which gives it a privileged position to move to different places of the country. While living in the center you can move everywhere and explore Spain every weekend. In addition, Madrid has a large airport with international flights to cities such as London, Prague, Rome or Paris. An excellent opportunity for getaways, for example, to other European capitals.

And not to mention the city’s leisure offer! In Madrid you have theaters, cinemas, restaurants and bars, commercial establishments and a wide range of nightlife. In short, you will have at your fingertips everything you need to fulfill any plan you make.

Requirements for a foreign student

Surely with this information you are wondering what are the requirements to rent a student apartment in Madrid in order to enjoy all these advantages; more so because as a foreigner you will have to arrange some papers or visa, so keep in mind that as a foreigner they can ask you for certain guarantees.

The deposit is one of the requirements to rent a student apartment in Spain, since it is a guarantee that the owners need for possible deterioration of the property, or any change made in the accommodation that requires intervention. Keep in mind that they can ask you for a reference from the country you come from or written support from your parents or a guarantor. Likewise, the lessee may request as a guarantee the payroll or any income proof of your parents, if they are assumed to be the payers.

 If you are going to opt for a furnished apartment or room, they will give you or you will have to make an inventory of the accommodation upon entering it, so you can easily recover the deposit that you have given the owner at the beginning of the contract, when it is verified that you have left all the furniture in good condition.

To avoid problems with the neighbors, it is most likely that your rental agreement includes a clause stating that it will be the duty of all tenants to abide by and respect the rules of coexistence of the neighbors´ community. And another clause that provides for the misuse or destruction of the property that will include the payment of rental insurance. In addition, a new requirement could be included explaining that braking repeatedly rules of coexistence or destruction of the property of neighbors´ community might result in forced eviction.

There are other documents that can be requested, like a proof of registration in the institution where you will study, identification and residence permits. You can even be requested to pay several monthly rent installments in advance to ensure and reduce the risk of default.

Should you share an accommodation for students?

Both living alone and sharing an apartment have its advantages and disadvantages, like almost everything else in this life. But the fact of being able to decide what you prefer is already a success, so we will help you assess the advantages of sharing accommodation in Madrid.

Sharing an apartment. This option is more appropriate if you want a bit more privacy and independence, if you are moving with someone else, if you have friends who are going to study at the same place, it is a perfect opportunity to create a roomies environment. People of your age with the same interest in learning and taking full advantage of their stay. However, you should know that for the whole apartment you will be asked for more requirements or will have to prove the landlord that you are able to pay the rent. As for being a foreigner you will need to meet many more requirements, keep that in mind.

Sharing room accommodation for students. Room rental can be defined as a mixture of living alone and living in a shared flat. And it is one of the favorites among foreign students, since you rent only the space you are going to use, your room. The other areas must be shared with other tenants. This type of accommodation attracts attention for its comfort, privacy and price, because when shared with others, the rental price is lower. In addition, you forget about everything else: cleaning, washing, shopping, internet services, electricity and water, etc.

Share experiences with other students in Madrid

Not everything is going to be studying! Although your classmates will be the best guides in a matter of leisure, it is worth making your own friendships and living to the fullest during the stay. Go to the closest cinema, or sign up for interesting exhibitions, festivals or festivities that might interest you and where you will share the experience with locals and foreigners. It is also a good idea to organize some excursions to close touristic towns with your roommates. A foreign student flat is the perfect excuse to get rich culturally.

Enjoy your stay and create a good atmosphere. Whether in a flat of foreign students with several friends or elsewhere, respect the common areas and customs of different countries. You will see that there is much to learn. We hope that with these tips you will be more confident and convinced of how to rent your room or flat as a university student in Madrid, you can enjoy different experiences and meet people from all over Spain and the rest of the world!

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