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If you come to study at a Madrid university and ask yourself about apartments for students in Madrid, you are in the right place. At first glance, with the amount of rental options there is, it seems impossible to make a decision. And, in addition, you have to take into account the cost of enrollment in the program you are going to take, the plane, train or bus ticket to Madrid, other expenses that you will have during your study stay: accommodation (the most important), food, services, transportation, clothing and footwear, leisure, and much more. Don’t freak out!

We will help you to know how much a student apartment in Madrid costs and how to choose it.

In general, Madrid is not an expensive city, compared to other European capitals. The city is very well prepared to receive students, with a wide range of services for all budgets. Everything will depend on the comfort you are looking for and the budget you have. The cost of a student’s life in Madrid is between € 800 and € 1,200, depending on the type of accommodation you want.

Price of a student apartment in the Center of Madrid

Depending on the locality and the district of Madrid in which you want to live, the price of the house can be multiplied or lowered to similar ranks of other university cities. You can rent a room in a shared apartment for students, or if you want more privacy, you have the options to rent a studio or a complete apartment. There are areas with more nightlife and shops and others quieter.

To give you an idea, these references are the price ranges of student apartments in Madrid:

  • Room in shared apartment: 350 to 850 euros / month
  • Studio: 700 to 1200 euros / month
  • Apartment: 700 to 1,300 euros / month

Keep in mind! As a guarantee against possible damages or defaults, to rent you will be required a deposit equivalent to a certain number of monthly payments that will return you at the end of the contract if everything is in order. They may also require a bank guarantee. There are residences for students in Madrid that, in addition to accommodation, include full and half board services, electricity and gas expenses, gym, laundry, Internet and cleaning.

Aspects to consider when renting a student apartment

Other aspects that you must take into account to choose your accommodation in Madrid is to try to rent spaces that are furnished, so you would avoid extra expenses on the price of the student apartment in Madrid. Within the accommodation account, you have to allocate a part for basic services if your accommodation does not include them: electricity, water, gas and internet. If you share a flat with two other people the expenses are divided, but the logical thing is that you have included in the monthly payment.


Regardless of the university where you want to study, the center is the district most in demand by the students, and that is why the price of student apartments is somewhat higher. Its good connections and its great leisure offer make it a good option. However, downtown is also the most expensive district to rent. There is less and less supply and more demand, so Madrid student apartment prices have risen.

Additional services

Food: Spanish cuisine is one of the richest and most complete and there is much to choose from, however, eating at home will always be much cheaper. The monthly purchase for one person is usually between 50 and 60 euros.

Transportation: Transportation in Madrid is considered one of the best in the world. The monthly payment that includes metro and buses has a cost of 54 euros if you are over 26 years old, if it is less, it will cost 20 euros.

Consumer services: if your accommodation does not include it you must take into account the basic services: water, electricity, gas, telephone and Internet. In some places and especially in student residences, the rental price includes these expenses.

Other expenses (Clothing, footwear, leisure): this is already up to you. Always consider an extra for the unexpected. A prevented person is worth two!

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