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Hygiene measures are basic in any shared apartment, they are one of the ways against the coronavirus. Ideally, the colleagues themselves agree on housework, and more so now when hygiene has to be pampered to the extreme. That is why you must have gloves and masks to clean and especially a suitable disinfectant.

For the experience to be satisfactory for all parties, the first thing to do is establish some basic rules for sharing a flat. It is not the same to do it with friends and family than with strangers. However, in all cases, establishing certain rules will be the best way to guarantee a healthy coexistence. Above all, in these times in which social distancing is not an option but, practically, an obligation.

The same goes for your own personal hygiene. Its importance is even greater in a shared apartment. Above all, if for some just cause such as work, one of the colleagues must be entering and leaving the flat.

How to know if my student flat is free of coronavirus?

With the situation we are actually living in, hygiene and protection against the virus is what prevails in apartments or student residences. If the cleaning and disinfection of common areas is thorough, the protection will be superior.

In student residences, these measures are being applied scrupulously so that health and avoiding infections are paramount. Therefore, in addition to the exhaustive cleaning of the common areas, each person who shares an apartment, individually, must be responsible for their personal hygiene, especially when they are constantly entering and leaving the apartment for work or study reasons.

Am I safe in a student flat?

Safety is the most important thing in a student flat, of course it is safe when the strict safety and hygiene measures are met, both at the group level among all the colleagues who share common spaces, or at a personal level.

Security measures in a COVID FREE student flat

Protocol for hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene

Washing hands with soap and water several times a day, especially when returning to the floor after being outside, and having had contact with other people or objects. A hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol can also be used.

Using a disposable tissue when sneezing or coughing

Use of mask. Above all, when in the common areas there is someone with whom you do not live, or someone from the cleaning staff.

Adequate supplies

Since personal hygiene is essential, it is necessary to have the proper supplies, either soap and water or alcohol sanitizer, disposable paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and non-contact trash cans to open the lid, which are do with a pedal.

Posters and messages

Post signs in visible places, for example, at the entrance of the bathrooms, living room, kitchen … that promote daily safety measures and how to stop the spread of germs. In addition, the posters should include pictures, easy-to-understand visual cues.


Increase ventilation to the outside, letting in fresh air from outside by opening doors and windows. Use fans to enhance the effectiveness of open windows. Reduce occupancy in areas where exterior ventilation cannot be increased. Increase air flow in occupied spaces.

Although these are some of the rules that we must follow, the most important thing is the personal responsibility, that each one contributes to their own safety and protection as well as that of others.

Responsibility is the word that should always be in our minds to walk safely through this new normality.

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