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Due to the current increase in rents in Madrid, currently, more and more people are interested in sharing a flat, since it has a lot of advantages. Normally when you rent a room, in addition to the lower cost, you have electricity, water and internet costs included, which doesn´t make you worry about these issues.

There are those who seek to rent a room near their work or university, in order to save time and money when your have to take any kind of transport

Recommendations to find a room in Madrid

September and October are the months with the highest demand, as it is the beginning of a new course at the university and the students return to the city. Not only students, there are also people who move to Madrid for a new job or perhaps a change in life.

There are several things to think about before renting a room, one of them is to set a budget that suits your pocket. In addition, the budget must be adapted to your needs, such as that the apartment is located in an area close to your job or university.

Another recommendation is to look for a room in the city center as it offers more possibilities when it comes to moving around and discovering the city, practically everything is in the center such as theaters, cinemas, shops, nightlife or the best restaurants. If what you are looking for is to have everything at hand, the center is the best option, because in case you have to move to another area for work or studies, the public transport network is very good.

If what you prefer is the comfort of living as close as possible to the university or job, then there is also the possibility of looking for a room in the same area.

It is also recommended when renting a room, that the expenses are already included, so that when it comes to paying monthly it is a fixed amount and being able to relax and organize yourself better economically. There are also room rentals that include cleaning service in the price, an important advantage.

At Vitium Residences, we have flats in which we rent rooms to both students and young professionals. The price of the room already includes all expenses so you can not worry.

Decided! I’m going to share a flat.

If you have already decided to share a flat and have already looked at all the advantages and disadvantages, go ahead! It is a great opportunity to meet people and share experiences. You can even practice languages ​​if your classmates are from other countries, or soak up other cultures. If a good atmosphere is created between colleagues, everything is easier for coexistence.

Share with students

If you are a student, the best option is to share a flat with students as well. It has the advantage of age when it comes to sharing tastes and hobbies, creating a much more youthful environment.

Living with colleagues is a test and also a personal challenge. Sometimes it is not something easy, so it can serve to mature and know how to adapt to situations, and above all respect the way of life of others

The experience itself can help us learn to live with other people. This coexistence will bring out the best and the worst in us, something that, without a doubt, will make us grow as people.

College students always yearn for that independence from their parents and to start living their own freedom. And if this is combined with living with students from other countries, it will give you a much more open vision of the world. Having responsibilities for the first time, owning your life and economy.

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