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Madrid is a city that offers innumerable alternatives to go out partying any day of the week.

But… What are the best places and areas to “marcha” (party)?

In this article, we provide you with a summary of the 5 areas that you cannot miss if you are studying in the Spanish capital.

The Madrid night: Ideal to enjoy between students

The first thing you should know is that when it comes to partying in Madrid (and in all of Spain, really) it starts very late at night.

The usual thing is to start going out at 11:00 p.m. at the earliest, although it is also possible to meet friends beforehand to eat and drink together, it is normal, delimiting that there are a large number of places to eat and drink until fill up and go blind for a very low price.

As you will see here, the start of the night is postponed much longer than is usual in many other places in Europe.

But let’s begin with the 5 places to party in Madrid…

1- Argüelles-Moncloa

Most of the places in this area are open 7 days a week until 6 in the morning (when the metro is already open to go home) and there are many to choose from.

Around here you can always find a university environment, one of the main reasons is that there are several residences and residence halls there, it is a kind of ecosystem in which all kinds of people who go out in the city at night congregate.

As you already suppose, in this area there are different types of predominant music venues such as Reggaetón, Electronica, Pop-Rock, Indi and Hip Hop.

Another interesting feature of this area is the ease of access by public transport, since it is surrounded by metro lines number 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10.

2- Malasaña

It is clear that Malasaña is one of the nerve centers in the Madrid capital, in terms of nightlife, and this comes from the time of the famous “Movida Madrileña” that took place during the 80s.

Malasaña stands out mainly for the large number of live music venues, independent pubs, tapas bars, trendy restaurants and nightclubs, which are open every day.

The price to enter most of the places is free, and although the prices of the drinks can be high, some places are very worth it.

It doesn’t matter what time you want to visit it, because the Malasaña area will always be lively.

Whether you are looking for a place to spend the night, or an afternoon bar, this neighborhood located in the heart of the city will always have an ideal facility for you.

3-Madrid Center. Sol

In this area you can find everything you can imagine, that is why it is one of the places that most people visit, especially tourists.

Here you can find clubs, Irish pubs, tapas bars and restaurants, a combination of a little bit of everything.

In this area, practically anyone will end up finding the ideal place to party in Madrid.

In its streets you will find people who are from public relations of the different cocktail bars, discos and pubs, they can be of valuable help or not, since normally these PRs can get you cheaper drinks or even free tickets and shots, however, We recommend that before entering the first site you listen to several offers to make a better decision or, failing that, investigate the place that they offer you to see if it is what you are looking for.

4- La Latina

Everything can begin here, it is where the Madrid evening became fashionable, this area of Madrid is lively from the first moment of the day.

But the late night at “La Latina” is just the beginning of the fun, more venues have been opening in the area lately and it already has several nightclubs, which means you can spend a full day walking without having to travel.

“La Latina” is located next to the “Plaza Mayor”, despite being a quiet place that houses mainly tapas bars, pubs and restaurants, you can have local dishes with cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere before heading to other busier neighborhoods.

The charm of this area is that during the morning and afternoon is when you will find terraces and tapas bars full of young and fun people.

5- Chueca

It is said to be one of the most fun areas of Madrid, where the nightlife of the Madrid capital has become world famous, and it is the lively area, long ago, the LGBTI community filled this place with life, so this place shows diversity and inclusion for all ages and preferences.

You can find small bars and clubs that organize large parties that welcome everyone.

But the maximum splendor of the festival in this area is when the Gay Pride festival is held in the months of June and July of each year.

All these areas are very close to our Vitium Residences, so now to go out partying in Madrid all you have to do is decide the area in which you want to be, what kind of place, where they play the music you like and have the drink or food you want.

Let’s enjoy the party in Madrid!

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