semana santa en madrid en residencias vitium

The capital of Madrid is characterized by having an infinite number of things to do throughout the year, and in this Easter does not escape, in Madrid it offers many plans that are well worth experiencing and that have been declared of Regional Tourist Interest.

Here we describe some of the main plans to enjoy this Easter in Madrid.

Some of these plans are specific to these dates, between Sunday the 2nd and Sunday the 9th of April in 2023.

Learn how Eeater is celebrated in Madrid

The celebrations and acts that take place during these dates in Madrid show us a great variety of cultural expressions and tradition, religious fervor and devotion to images are tradition.

The brotherhoods are the central agents of the celebrations and the means of transmission of knowledge.

In fact, the City Council has recognized Easter in Madrid and the activity of the brotherhoods and brotherhoods as a religious and cultural manifestation of special citizen significance and general interest for the city of Madrid.

You can also enjoy sacred music concerts that take place in various churches such as the Basilica of Our Lady of Atocha, Our Lady of Perpetuo Socorro or San Antonio de los Alemanes.

In some neighborhoods of Madrid, markets and fairs are organized during Easter, where you can find typical products of the time, such as torrijas, buñuelos or pestiños.

In addition to the varied and rich gastronomy that you can find in all parts of the city. You can try some typical dishes of these dates, such as taste torrijas, pestiños or buñuelos.

Go to a procession.

During Easter, numerous processions take place through the streets of Madrid. The most important are those that take place in the historic center of the city, such as the procession of the Santísimo Cristo de los Alabarderos, which takes place on Holy Thursday, or the procession of Cristo de Medinaceli, which is held on Good Friday. The Easter processions in Madrid are really massive and very followed by the people of Madrid and a good number of visitors.

To find out more about the processions, with their dates and times and place of start and end, you can go to this map of processions (place this link /mapa_procesiones_semana_santa_madrid.pdf) where you will find them all.

You cannot stop tasting the torrijas

Torrijas are a very popular traditional Spanish dessert, especially during Easter and Christmas.

Torrijas are slices of hard bread soaked in milk with cinnamon, beaten egg and sugar, and then fried in oil. They are usually served with honey or syrup, and some variants also include wine and anise.

You cannot miss the opportunity to try the French toast, we recommend it, they are a sweet and comforting delight that you surely will not regret.

Taste the “Cocido Madrileño”

“Cocido Madrileño” is one of the most emblematic dishes of Spanish cuisine. It is a consistent and forceful stew, which is usually served in three turns: soup, chickpeas with vegetables and meat and, finally, pork and beef.

“Cocido Madrileño” stew is usually accompanied by bread and red wine.

This dish is very popular in Madrid and in other areas of Spain, especially during the winter months, as it is a hot and filling dish that helps to combat the cold.

In summary, Madrid offers many options to enjoy during Easter, from processions to culture, gastronomy and nature. Depending on your interests, you can plan a visit tailored to your preferences.

If you are a student and you are in Vitium Residences, you will have all these options to experience Easter very close.

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