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Advantages of learning Spanish

If you come to Spain, what we recommend the most is to learn the language. This is considered one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, where approximately more than 400 million people are Spanish-speaking. Currently the country has more than 45 million people who speak this language, so it will be easy for you to learn it day by day.

This is considered the third language chosen to learn by foreign students, and in this blog we will tell you what the best options are so that you can learn Spanish in the capital of Madrid.

Where can you study Spanish? : Here are some of the best places where you can study

One of the best options for you to learn Spanish is by visiting the country. If you are in Madrid, you can go to various schools or institutes to improve your technique. Among the institutes that are members of Fedele (Federation of Spanish Schools in Madrid) and those that are accredited by the Cervantes Institute, standing out in quality are:

Tandem International School

You will be able to learn the language in an institute that has a wide variety of courses and programs for people who want to enroll in their classes. In the same way, this institute offers you the possibility of combining activities with different topics such as gastronomy and flamenco and if you want to travel to learn better, you can simultaneously go to other schools located in San Sebastian and Granada.

Located in the Salamanca district, one of the places with the best communication in transport such as the metro and bus (lines 2,4,5)

LAE Madrid

This school has native teachers, where you can learn Spanish in various activities, formed by small groups and you will have a more personalized attention that can be part time or full time. If for other reasons you cannot go to school in person, you also have the option of taking classes virtually.

Located in the Cortes neighborhood, close to the Banco de España metro (lines 1, 2 and 3).

Berlitz Language School

Finally, the Berlitz language school, which is characterized by having “learning by doing”, where you can practice speaking only the language you are going to study and you will learn it in a didactic way. This school offers you a wide range of courses in different languages ​​for children, adults and teenagers.

Located in various places:  Cea Bermúdez (line 9), San Sebastian de los Reyes (line 10) and Pozuelo de Alarcón (train cercanias).

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