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Thousands of students have the opportunity to approach the job market and live their first experience through the interships. In fact, some are fortunate to be recommended or hired by sponsoring companies. The following are some tips to find an intership in Madrid:

Tips to find a good intership

 Analyze what you want to achieve and what your expectations are.

If you are not sure which is the path to take, the first step is to analyze and research the specific offers in your area of specialization in Madrid. Look for the options that are most related to your career or that will help you with your profesional develpoment.

Make a list of the companies where you would most like to work.

The idea is to make a list of paid internship options with the companies that most appeal to you and the ones that least appeal to you, considering a whole range of options and being open and flexible, but not settling for less. Do not rush in this process, it is better to start off on the right foot and learn during the process.

Prepare your resume and the job interview.

Your resume is your letter of presentation to the job market. Nowadays there are lots of resources to build a creative resume. Try to incorporate your skills and aptitudes, as well as your work experience if you have had any. If you don’t have any, consider looking for jobs in other areas or volunteering.

Ask your university what types of agreements they have and what minimum requirements you must haveto fulfill a vacancy. Doing university internships while you study is essential to become an effective and confident professional. Without the practical part, the theory learned in class is insufficient, since it is not useful to face real problems, nor to make important decisions on how to act in critical moments.

How do you find an internship?

Finding them is mainly a matter of perseverance and knowing where to look. Here we tell you the best options to find them.

1. Ask for advice at the university.

If you are still studying or have recently completed your studies, you can contact the student services department of your university or institute to obtain information on internship agreements. These centers usually have agreements with companies so that their students can do internships during the course or at the end of the course.

2. Send job applications to the companies.

Getting internship contracts in companies allows you to acquire training, enrich your professional profile and get to know the reality of the sector. Large corporations usually have job agencies dedicated to the internship agreements. Track down the most important companies in the sector you are interested in and look on their website to see what kind of job offers they have published. Send your resume and cover letter indicating that you want to participate in an internship program.

3. Respond to an internship advertisement.

If you are looking for intern positions, you can use different platforms such as InfoJobs. Using the keyword search with InfoJobs you will find internship agreements. Sometimes, as in all contracts of this type, you will be asked to prove that you are a student in order to comply with an agreement between the company and the university, institute or school.

4. Use your social networks.

Do not be afraid and try to establish contact on the networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter. Linkedin is a very useful platform to create relevant professional contacts, and in addition, multiple job offers are published there. On the other hand, it is possible to follow the companies that you are interested in, as well as to participate in groups of different professional topics, it is recommended for job hunting. It is very important to créate your profile on the platform to make yourself known and have more online presence or visibility. Viadeo is the second largest professional social network after LinkedIn. Among its main uses it is Good to search for potential partners, find different job opportunities, as well as improve visibility and online reputation, something very important and highly demanded by users and companies today.

5. Find the ideal company for your internship.

Taking your first steps in the job market can be a challenge, which is why it is very important to know which are the best companies for internships. Sometimes they end up becoming a full-time job, so they are perfect to show a company your skills before you have to commit to a permanent position.

6. One of the best sites to find internships is LinkedIn.

An option to search for internship offers in companies especially if you are looking in Spain, although there are opportunities internationally. The platform allows you to set up alerts to receive notifications for internships every time they are published, and on Indeed, the well-known job search engine, you can also access a multitude job offers for internships in companies. An easy and intuitive website where that takes less than a minute to find internships.

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