Do you imagine having in your curriculum a diploma of the most prestigious university of the world?

Yes, you can have a Harvard degree too, studying from home. Isn’t it great? We have made a small selection of free Harvard online courses open to everyone, and very interesting for university students residing in Spain, or who enjoy their Erasmus scholarship in cities like Madrid.

The University is a very old institution. The first were born in Europe during the Late Middle Ages. They are the classical temples of culture. But what happens when you mix the best of an institution with centuries of antiquity and an undoubted prestige with the most advanced technology? You can access to online courses from anywhere in the world, and in the case of free online Harvard courses, open to everyone!

And it is that the Internet and ICT are carrying out the greatest democratization of culture since the invention of printing since 1440, and that far surpasses the Gutenberg era.

Do you want to make a qualitative leap in your resume and dazzle your future employers?

¿What are Harvard Free Online Courses?

Harvard, the most prestigious university in the United States (and the world). It is available now to everyone thanks to the free courses offered through the MOOC methodology (Massive Online Open Courses), through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) edX platform.

Most of the courses we are going to see do not have access requirements. In some of them it is possible that you are asked to have previously taken another course, if it is content that delves into subjects that are already known to advance knowledge. But in others, it is not even necessary to have other degrees.

However, many of them are very interesting for university students.

Harvard Free Online Courses have zero cost, but to get the certificate you need to pay a fee of 99 dollars (about 84€ at the time we write this post). Nothing more, just that!

The seven free Harvard courses for this 2017

True, there is little left for the year to end. But you still have time to enroll in Harvard online courses for this year 2017.

Also, probably next year many of them will be called again and you can also enroll.

Come with the selection of Harvard courses especially interesting for Spanish university students or Erasmus in Spain.

#1.Introduction to computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science

Since the birth of computing, the demand for qualified professionals in this field has continued to increase.

And the trend only grows. With the new digital economy, having computer skills is very important, even for professionals and university students from other totally different branches.

#2. The Einstein Revolution

The Einstein Revolution

The Theory of Relativity changed our way of seeing time, space and the Universe in general. His ideas were so revolutionary that they radically changed the world we live in.

An interesting course for students of physics, mathematics or science, but also for students of philosophy, history or sociology.

#3. Principles of Biochemistry

Principles of Biochemistry

Deepening the biochemical processes of living organisms is very interesting for students in biology, chemistry and also psychology.

#4. Introduction to family engagement in Education

Inroduction to Family Engagement in Education

Involving the family in the educational process is one of the most revolutionary ideas of the modern school.

An ideal course for students of teaching in all its specialties, social education and pedagogy

#5.Super-Earths And Life

Super-Earths And Life

Extraterrestrial life is no longer something of science fiction films, but an increasingly plausible scientific hypothesis.

Introduce yourself in this course in the study of the possibilities of alien life in raids belonging to other solar systems.

An interesting program for astrophysicists, biologists … Can there really be someone who is not interested in this topic?

#6.Innovating in Health Care

Super-Earths And Life

If there is any area of knowledge where constant innovation is needed, it is in health. It depends on our longevity, our quality of life and our happiness after all.

Students who hope to develop their activity in the field of health sciences will find this course of great interest for their training.

And here we come with our selection of free online courses from Harvard. We hope that the information you have found useful and can help you to improve your academic and professional curriculum.

At Vitium Student flats we always try to provide useful information to our residents with news articles, related to the university life, students and their careers.

We care about your education. Follow us!

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