You have surely heard about it many times, but you may not know its translation. Or you do, but you want to know exactly what is an entrepreneur including all aspects of its meaning.

If this is so, continue reading today’s post, which gives answers to a pile of questions related to this concept.

The word entrepreneur , often wrongly associated to English, etymologically comes from French and means «one who undertakes or manages«. The term is now more trendy than ever, but its origin, around which there is some controversy, goes back to the XIX century, or might even go the XVIII century.

There are many definitions of entrepreneur, but it is generally considered that an entrepreneur is somebody who assumes a business risk in exchange of future benefits.

But it is important to outstand that the meaning of entrepreneur has spread, and is not always referred to the person who starts a business.

There are other types of economic, professional and even vital initiatives that are considered to be typical of enterprising people. The word entrepreneur therefore also refers to somebody who shows initiative to venture starting new projects.

But if all entrepreneurs fit into the definition we have seen, are all entrepreneurs alike? Absolutely not…There are many variations.

Types of entrepreneurs

According to the site, there are up to 7 different types of entrepreneurs.

  1. The visionary: a dreamer who does not fear failure. He/she ventures anything.
  2. Entrepreneur out of necessity: his/her engine is dissatisfaction and the need to improve professionally.
  3. The investor: has funds at his/her disposal and creates a business in order to invest. More faint-hearted than visionary.
  4. The entrepreneur in search for opportunities: analitical and meticulous.
  5. The entrepreneur by chance: life has taken him/her to where he/she is or he/she has experienced a lucky strike. An opportunist in the good sense.
  6. The specialist: creates opportunities from mistakes. Very tecnichal.
  7. The persuasive entrepreneur: capable of convincing anybody of the worthiness of his/her idea. He/she has experience and reputation, is determined and does not surrender.

Do you already know which of them are you? If you still doubt, go on reading.

Countries with an enterprising mentality

There are countries with an enterprising mentality and others with spirit that is less prone to initiative. Although it is also true that some in nations, the lack of democratic normality, administrative hindrance and other obstacles disuade the most enterprising people. However, a more or less enterprising mentality usually goes along with the culture.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the 10 countries with a more enterprising mentality are:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. United States
  5. Singapore
  6. Ireland
  7. Denmark
  8. France
  9. Finland
  10. Luxembourg

Unfortunately our country is not in the list, but we are convinced that you can help to change this. You only need to believe in yourself, and training.

And, apart from courses, Master’s Degrees and training programs for entrepreneurs, books and manuals are another source of learning and inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

Books recommended for entrepreneurs

There is plenty of literature about enterprising, but not all books for entrepreneurs are equally useful. Some of them have become real classics and have inspired entire generations of entrepeneurs.

We have made a brief selection with which you can start to deepen into the world of bussiness venture:

#1. Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

In many cases we are lacking financial education, and that is precisely what this book suggests.

#2 The Money Code, by Raimon Samsó

Not all voices with some authority within the world of enterprising come from the other side of the Atlantic, and we can state the proof for that with Raimon Samsó. The Money Code has changed many people’s lifes as they have learnt to have the necessary attitude for venturing.

#4. The Black Book of Entrepreneurship, by Fernando Trías de Bes

If you distrust the self-help tone held by many manuals for entrepreneurs, in which everything is perfect, or seem to tell you only what you wish to hear, you will love The Black Book of Entrepreneurship.

With this book you will learn about the dark side, risks and mistakes often made by entrepreneurs. A dose of realism is always wecome when you are facing the risks of enterprising.

At Vitium Residences we have lodged with us university students who are nowadays successful entrepreneurs, and we hope to continue doing it for a long time.

Because venture spirit and initiative are values that stand very high within our philosophy.

We hope to have inspired you to be a future entrepreneur. We say goodbye with a quote from Chris Grosser: “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them»”.

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