You are a student and you have successfully completed the course. As a reward you decide to embark on a new adventure towards an attractive destination.

A European capital, like Madrid. However, you don´t know what to bring in your travel bag. But this concern shouldn´t become a headache.
Next, we give you some indications about everything you can´t miss on your exciting journey.

What to bring in your travel bag ?: Things you can´t miss

When filling the suitcase, the possibilities are almost unlimited. But you must think in a practical sense and choose what you most likely need.

# 1. Clothing and footwear 

While you’re packing, realize that you can´t miss comfortable clothes. In this way, you will feel more at ease when you go to visit the different places or emblematic places of the city.

If you plan to go on party, choose to include the most modern clothing, so you can combine it in different ways to convey elegance and feel attractive. Of course, don´t forget your underwear.

Regarding footwear, remember to include your sneakers to go out in new places and feel with great vitality. In addition, it includes flip flops if you want to go to the beaches or lakes closest to your destination.

And finally, the dress shoes are the key ingredient to be up late in the morning dancing in the best nightclubs in Madrid

# 2. The complements 

The journey can be quite long, so you should take into account a series of interesting accessories that may accompany you, such as:

A pillow to support your head while you travel by bus through the different places of the city.

Sunglasses, to protect the eyes on the hottest days.

Any electronic tool (mobile, laptop) that allows you to listen to the latest melodies of the moment.

Headphones, don´t forget them at home! Otherwise, you will not be able to put the music very loud in public places. Take your folding umbrella to protect you on rainy days. It hardly takes up space in the suitcase.

The watch is also a vitally important complement, because at all times you must be aware of the schedule of visits to museums, meals at the hotel, among other things. You can also simply use the mobile clock.

# 3. The documentation 

To avoid problems in the trip, you must carry your personal documentation. On this occasion, the DNI is essential to be reachable at all times. The driver’s license isn´t mandatory, as long as you do not drive a rental car or any other vehicle.

On the other hand, the credit card and the health card are essential. The first one allows you to withdraw money at any cashier near your area and, the second one, it will allow you to search sanitary help whenever necessary, we never know what situations we can be exposed to when we visit a different place.

# 4. The toilet bag 

Personal care is essential. Leave a space in your suitcase to include the hair straightener, wipes, sun cream, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, contact lenses, depilatory cream, etc.

But if by mistake you have left some add-on at home, don´t be alarmed. You can go to any supermarket or store.

Winning in comfort is very easy, with these simple tips you will feel good and your preparation to go anywhere will be greater. Now up to you!

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