Madrid is one of favorite destinations for Erasmus students and also for Spanish students that come of other regions of the country. Are you coming to study in the capital of Spain? Do not  miss these 5 advices to choose a residence of students in Madrid.

Spain is the country that more Erasmus students receives. During the years 2013-2014,last period with data, Spain received 39.277 Erasmus students from other countries. With these figures, we are still the favorite country to travel with an Erasmus scholarship.

But if Spain is the favorite country for Erasmus, Madrid is the favorite city for foreign students, according to a study that collects the preferences of 26,000 European students.

In this post, Vitium helps you to choose a residence in Madrid, sharing with you some ideas to choose among the various options you have at your disposal.

Madrid; the best universities in a vibrant and cosmopolitan city

No less than 14 universities, public and private, that bring students of all nationalities and from all points of the Spanish geography.

In its offer of university centers stand out, by its history and its popularity abroad, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with more than 82,000 students enrolled in every course, or the Polytechnic University, with more than 40,000 students enrolled every year.

Its historical and artistic value, its great cultural offering, and bars and night life as a university town, are the main attraction of Madrid as a destination favorite to Erasmus European students.

if you come to study with a Erasmus scholarship of European mobility, as if you come of any other point of Spain, probably you are looking for an option of comfortable and safe accommodation.

A real home during your stay as student, that allows to focus you in your studies and enjoy of the cosmopolitan atmosphere  of a vibrant city as  Madrid. You need a residence of students in Madrid.

Would you like to know some advices to take the correct decision and choose the best residence of students in Madrid? Let us begin.

Criteria that will help you to choose a residence for students in Madrid

If you have decided to stay you in a residence of students during the course, you must think that you will be for a long season. Based us in our experience as hotel company, we advice to follow these criteria:

1. Located in a good area: The location of the residence of students is one of the more important factors. If it is a good area you will have access to amenities, shops and activities more easily, allowing you to take advantage of your stay as student in Madrid.

2. Easy access to means of transport:  another factor that you should consider when you have to choose residence in Madrid, is if it is located in a place with easy access to the buses, the underground , local train, etc. This is important if you want to move you with freedom, attend to the University without difficulties, etc.

3.Residency with the necessary services: water, gas, light, community, heating, air conditioning, and of course, WIFI connection, doorkeeper… One of the advantages of a residence is that it gives you everything you need so you can focus on learning the language, getting good grades and an unforgettable experience.

4. A well equipped residence: aside from the services, it is very important to have the furniture you need to lead a normal life, and comfortable as possible. Desk, comfortable beds, new linens, laundry, TV… The common areas are also important, because you will probably pass much time sharing that space with your flat mates.

5. Cozy residence: You will live there a long time. It is important that it is a friendly place, that you can feel like your own home. If you have chance to visit the residence before entering it (something which we recommend), look at the vibrations transmitted to you.

In Vitium we have four of the best student flats for students in Madrid. Located in exclusive and central areas such as Gran Vía, Arenal or Ronda de Segovia, our high-range student flats have all the services and furniture you need to feel comfortable during your stay in Madrid.

Enjoy the charm of our residences; its architectural heritage and its careful decoration will make you forget that you are in a flat for students. You will feel at home, but with all the excitement that supposes that you are going to live an experience
Take a look, you will fall in love!

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