Do you know the best student residences located in Madrid? And the most prestigious and comfortable? The ones that have the best reputation? Discover what are the four best residences in Madrid for Erasmus students.
If you are a European student, you are within the Erasmus program and you are ready to study in Madrid during the academic year, probably will seek a dorm to live during your stay in the capital of Spain.
You are about to learn a language, customs and culture new … Is not it exciting? But among so much emotion also arise the first doubts … «will I be right?» «Can I adapt easily,» and one of the most important questions that every Erasmus student is: «Where will I live?

Looking flat for rent in town, or go to A student flats?

Erasmus students have two options. Search floor, generally shared by your own account; or get in touch with a student residence to rent a room.
Generally, Erasmus students do you usually prefer the option of renting a room in a student residence, because it is faster, reliable and safe to look flat on your own, without knowing the language well or the city. But what residences are the best in Madrid?

The best residences in Madrid where you will enjoy deluxe accommodation; Ideal for Erasmus!

#1. Student FLATS in 15 Gran Vía

A newly renovated historic building in one of the most central areas of the city, the emblematic Gran Via in Madrid. A luxury apartment with 14 fully equipped rooms, with classic and modern decorative elements. One of the most cosmopolitan areas and with an important cultural offer.

#2. Student FLATS 61 Gran Vía

Without abandoning one of the main arteries of Madrid, and probably in the best area of the Gran Via, another residence, very luxurious and comfortable.

It combines functionality and elegance, the decorative pieces are inspired by the seven deadly sins. It is completely furnished and equipped with 13 rooms with singles or double beds. As in 15 Gran Vía, you will enjoy one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan parts of Madrid.

#3. Student FLATS 16 Arenal

If what is at issue is to find the most central flats, that’s 16 Arenal. And it is not alone in the center of the capital of the country, but also in the center where begin all the Spanish roads. And is that Arenal 16 is close to the famous Zero Km, just 100 meters from Puerta del Sol!
As in the residences of Gran Vía, 16 Arenal enjoys attractive design and avant-garde interiors. A student residence with 13 luxury rooms, fully furnished and equipped, bedrooms and common  areas.

#4. Student FLATS in Ronda de Segovia, 13

A flat with 6 rooms located in an upscale area of Madrid, just 200 meters from the Cathedral of La Almudena. A vibrant area of the city lined with shops, restaurants, all kinds of shops and a bigl cultural offer.

With a youthful decoration and attention to detail, with natural and isolated from noise outside light. Moreover, it is very close to the University!

And all these excellent student residences are part of Vitium, a hotel group that has the merit of having the first boutique luxury guesthouse in Madrid.
If is about accommodation, we know what we do!

Consultation details about our student residences, the best accommodation for Erasmus like you.

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