Are you an European student who has finished your studies or is about to finish them and wants to continue improving your curriculum? Would you like to gain work experience before launching yourself into the job market in search of the job of your dreams?

Then this interests you. We talk about the reasons to do internships abroad, and how you can get it. Follow us!

In recent years, the labor market has undergone profound changes in Europe and especially in Spain. And this is just the beginning. Increasingly we will be required to be more competitive and have a brighter curriculum.

But the obsession with having university degrees is not always the answer for everything, because having two or three careers may not be enough, if you lack work experience. “But how will I have work experience before I start working after finishing my studies?”, you will be wondering. Well, the answer is very easy: thanks to work practices.

How can I do internships abroad?

Now you only have one question left to ask yourself: “Should I do necessarily the work practices in my country …?”.

There are several European and international internship programs; some of the best known are:

In the case of Eurodysse, as in other programs, you can even do remunerated work practices abroad.

Reasons to do internships abroad, they will convince you!

Surely you already will have your reasons to leave your country in order to do internships abroad. But in case you are still hesitating between doing it or letting it be, there are some good reasons that will help you to decide.


If you decide to do it, you will be killing two birds with one stone, because while doing internships abroad, you will not only be acquiring valuable work experience; you will also learn a new language. And you already know how important languages are for your resume!


This type of experiences are highly valued in job interviews. It is not only the language, the most important is the initiative that someone shows going abroad to make a living. It is a plus for your CV.


We have already mentioned how important experience is in order to have access to a good job. But it is even more important if we take into account the context in which we are.

According to experts gathered at the Davos Forum in 2016,in less than five years 5,000,000 jobs will be lost. Who will be the responsible? 3D printers and artificial intelligence.

It will be necessary to access to qualified jobs that would not be easily replaced by machines. The programs to do internships abroad are ideal to gain experience in any professional field.


Aren´t you getting butterflies in your stomach already just thinking about it? It will be an amazing experience! You will meet new people, you will learn to live alone in a big city of another country and everything will be new and exciting for you.


Related to the previous point, living a great adventure means changing personally, leaving behind your former self and developping a new and improved personality. With less fears and insecurities, with more experiences behind you!!

And if you are an European student or a recent graduate, who is thinking about coming to Madrid for doing an internship abroad, we invite you to discover our students flats for rent with everything you need for your adventure during your internship.

You will start a new job and you will have to concentrate yourself on the language. Maybe, depending on your situation, you will have to reconcile it with your studies. You will need a student flat with all the comforts and services necessary so that you can devote yourself to your work activity.

Contact us to clear up all your doubts. We are waiting for you

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