Apps have changed our lives; now we can do anything from anywhere, just with our smartphone or tablet and some ingenious application designed to solve a problem of our day to day, or to optimize our performance.

And that is precisely what the apps we are talking about today are looking for. Join us and you will discover the best applications for students. Do you want to do so?

Locate the constellations in the sky, count the contractions of a pregnant woman, know where there is shade to park the car … and these are just some examples, because there are apps for almost everything! In fact, according to a study, in 2017 there where around 5.000.000 applications, a number that during last year will surely have increased significantly.

Today we will talk about a very specific type of apps: applications for studying, or briefly, so that students can be more efficient in their tasks.

Why should I be interested in student apps?

You may associate them with leisure time and the idea of using apps for studying may seem strange to you. But there are a good number of reasons that may interest you.

  1. They help you to get organized: some of them incorporate functions such as calendars or agendas, or serve to improve your organization. A well-organized student is a student who performs better.
  2. They allow you to gain time: to interact, attend university parties, meet people, make tourism … One of the consequences of being well organized is that you save time that you can invest in other activities.
  3. It does not imply any effort: if you are studying you are probably a millennial, a digital native who manages perfectly well new technologies. Apps? You know exactly what it is. You will not have to spend hours learning how they work or reading manuals. It costs you very little and in return you can get a lot.

Don´t you believe us? That’s because you still don´t know everything you can do with the following apps.

The best applications for students, which are these apps?

There are many, although the ones you have below are in the top 5 of best apps for studying. We have tried to find them for free or freemium, ideal for students. There we go!

#1. Squid

If you are a student, one of your main activities consists in taking notes. You probably end up with your hand numb, bent and sore from writing with your pen.

Luckily there is an app that can help you with this task. Squid allows you to take notes with your smartphone or tablet and a digital pen or even with your finger.

In addition, this app for Android, available for iOS and Android, allows you to organize your notes in booklets, manage them and organize them effectively.

#2. BrainFocus

Your brain has a limited time of concentration, after it, the only thing you will get by forcing yourself to study is to exhaust yourself and lower your performance.

With this app you can follow a methodology that alternates study periods with resting periods, so that you can take full advantage of the study hours.

#3. SelfControl

And if we talk about concentration, one of your biggest enemy can be the distractions from the digital environment. Emails, notifications from social networking sites … getting concentrated may seem a miracle!

If you work with a Mac, the app SelfControl will block all activity coming out from internet that may interrupt your concentration, so you will reach a Zen status while you study. You will achieve more in less time.

This app allows you to create blacklists to keep under control only the pages and notifications you want.

#4. EasyBib

You got it! You have finished a work that has taken you days, weeks or even months … That´s it, you can take a deep breath, go for a drink or call a friend. But, oh no, you forgot about bibliography … that has ever happened to you, isn´t?

To include the bibliography, to mention the sources following the APA standards (or others), is one of the most tedious jobs, that faces a university student.

But with EasyBib it is much easier to do it. It includes a bibliography search engine and a scanner for the bar codes of the books, with which you can quickly access all the bibliographic data, send them by email and insert them in a digital document without having to search and write them down, one by one.

#5. Exam Countdown

Much more than a calendar, Exam Countdown allows you to record all the dates of your exams, shows you a countdown and sends you notices when the date approaches.

If you have ever applied for an exam one day later, you have difficulties remembering the exam dates or you sometimes lose perspective on your exam terms, this is your app!

You have it available in the Appel App Store and in Google Play.

That´s all we wish to say about the best applications for university students. We hope we could help you so to perform better in your studies without giving up your leisure and fun time!

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