At last that long awaited day is here. You’re going to leave your home and move to a college dorm or perhaps to a student residence. You start a new student stage. The time has come to you become independent and your new destiny is … Madrid!

Your first goal when arriving in the capital of Spain is the search for a new home in which you will surely spend some of the best moments of your life. You have several options at your disposal as a student residence or a college dorm. However, you are not clear on how they differ.

Is a college dorm the same as a student residence in Madrid? If you are going round about this question this post will be very useful for you. We are going to reveal the differences between both types of institution in a simple way so that you can get it right away and you can make the best possible decision about where you want to live.

What a student residence and a college dorm look like

Sometimes  we tend to confuse student residence with college dorm, and it is not surprising, since the function of these centers is similar. Both exist with the aim of hosting and housing students who have needed to move to another city to continue their studies.

The most of students arrive to start studying in a college. And it is usual that during the first year of career they choose to stay in a student residence or in a college dorm, since both options greatly facilitate the university life.

The majority of student residence and college dorms are equipped with complete facilities, from double or single rooms, toilets, common areas, lounges, kitchen, laundry … In some centers they offer, in addition to accommodation, maintenance, with the consequent increase of the monthly payment.

Another common feature of the student residence and the college dorm is that  the communal living between colleagues is guaranteed. Students have direct and close contact with other students who are often going through the same situation as themselves. By feeling identified with each other intense bonds of friendship are formed that can last forever.

Parents often prefer that their children stay in a student residence or in a college dorm at least during the first and second year of school, as these centers provide them peace of mind. In this way, the parents are assured that their children are in a comfortable place that guarantees benefits and services.

The clear differences between student residence and college dorm

Now that you know the similarities between them, we are going to reveal the clear differences between student residence and college dorm.

#1. Extra activities

The college dorm, in addition to accommodation and other services such as maintenance or laundry, offers residents different initiatives such as competitions, excursions, talks, workshops or communal living days, among others, which may be more or less attractive depending on each college dorm , But they represent more responsibility added to the long list of obligations for  the students.

This series of activities may be interesting for the student. However, they may also imply some obligation for the resident who may prefer to focus on their studies, and who wishes to enjoy all the freedom and independence possible in their free time.

Because, in a way or another they will always have that pressure to participate in the proposed initiatives to feel more integrated in the student community.

#2. Student autonomy

On the other hand, the college dorm usually has greater control over the student by imposing a series of rigid schedules, norms and more or less strict guidelines, but that must be fulfilled.

This situation is different in most residences, where they prefer the resident seeks his own space, enjoy his independence and enjoy an experience that will help him to mature and grow as a person.

By leaving the family home and starting to live independently is an exciting adventure in which responsibility and freedom play equally.

Your college years are going to be unrepeatable. You should feel comfortable and free at all times, and at the luxury student residence Vitium, located in the center of Madrid, can provide you with everything you need to achieve it.

It will be your best choice to enjoy what may be the best stage of your life!

Do not go anywhere without taking a look at our luxury student flats Vitium, which combine the freedom and autonomy that can give you a student apartment, with the best benefits and convenience of a student residence.

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