Last year 2017 it was 30 years since the birth of the Erasmus scholarships, bringing to Madrid around 26,000 European university students each year, and several commemorative events have been held throughout the year.

Although we’ve just started 2018, at Vitium Residences we don’t want to miss the opportunity to pay our small tribute to the Erasmus program, which we know very well because of all the European students who choose our residences when they come to study in the Capital.

Today we will talk a little about Erasmus scholarships and about the big success of the European university mobility program in the last three decades.

But first, let us make a very interesting introduction in which you will learn things that you probably do not know about the Erasmus program. will you come with us? (or would you join us?)

Why are they called Erasmus scholarships?

As «Erasmus» It is not a celebrity or a youtuber, maybe for that reason many students do not know the character who gave his name to the Erasmus program.

But Erasmus of Rotterdam was, without a doubt, one of the most important thinkers of the late Middle Ages. He lived between 1466 and 1536, and was one of the greatest exponents of humanism, along with his friend Tomás Moro.

But perhaps you are wondering what the Erasmus program has to do with a late medieval philosopher and theologian. Well, something as important as «mobility». Erasmus of Rotterdam was not satisfied with studying in a single University, so he toured the centers of university studies and the most important European cities of the time (France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England …).

Erasmus was always a great defender of education and freedom of thought.

How did the Erasmus program start?

Now that you know the history of the illustrious Erasmus of Rotterdam, you will not be surprised that the promoters of the program forced the nomenclature a little just to create a name whose initials where the same of the name of the humanist.

Thus, the project was born in 1987 as the «European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students» (ERASMUS), or «European Community Action Plan for the Mobility of University Students», in Spanish. (“Plan de Acción de la Comunidad Europea para la Movilidad de Estudiantes Universitarios”)

The best of Erasmus scholarships in these 30 years

Among the achievements of the Erasmus scholarship program is undoubtedly the opportunity to travel, learn about other cultures, learn languages ​​and expand the academic curriculum to more than 9 million young Europeans.

In Spain more than 900,000 people have benefited from this scholarship during the past 30 years. In the new version of the project called Erasmus + this fantastic opportunity to study abroad it is expected to offer to another 2 million students only in the period 2017-2020.

But the best of the best of the last three decades of Erasmus scholarships is their contribution when it comes to building a common European spirit:

• 94% of students who enjoy the Erasmus scholarship are more tolerant.

• 88% improve their social relationship skills.

• 85% say they are more aware of the values ​​common to all of Europe.

• 83% feel more European.

There is no doubt that the stay as an Erasmus in another city changes your life.

#ErasmusBabies, another achievement of the student mobility program

Cold statistics alone, they do not reflect the extent to which Erasmus scholarships have strengthened ties between European nations favoring a common spirit.

Something that the children of couples who have emerged from an Erasmus scholarship can do.

On December 16, the Representation of the European Commission in Spain held an event created around the #ErasmusBabies campaign, which included a contest that was intended to bring families together with «Erasmus children»

It is estimated that since the birth of the program, there are around 1 million children who were born of parents who met during the stays financed by the scholarship.

This is truly the best of these 30 years of academic, linguistic, cultural and vital enrichment, which has changed the lives of millions of people.

So if you are a European university student and you are thinking about traveling to study in Madrid with the Erasmus scholarships, Vitium Student flats for rent offer you the ideal place for all European students.

In our student flats you will find luxury accommodation that will provide you with all the comforts so you can focus on your studies and of course you also can experience new sensations.

You will also get to know other Erasmus and Spanish students from other regions of the country with whom you can share your experiences. We are sure you will open your mind, you will improve your academic curriculum, and who knows … Maybe (As crazy as you think the idea could be) you’ll even find the love of your life!

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