The character of the Spaniards as a Mediterranean country is one of the main attractions for Erasmus students. The closeness that we show, how open we are, the pleasant treatment and the good predisposition …

Not to mention the way we have fun! Today, at Vitium Residences, we want to talk about something that drives university students from other countries crazy: the party.
What are the best university parties in Spain?

Spain is a good place to study if you want to make a good future for yourself. In fact, 13 Spanish universities are among the list of the 100 most important in the world. But in life, not everything is studying, you also have to have fun!

And we also highlight that…

Today we will see the best university parties in Spain to take a break, release the stress that causes student life and recharge the batteries to continue with the studies.

The best university parties in Spain

If we tried to make a list of all college student parties, we would never end! But we can make a selection with the best university parties in Spain.

#1. Disaster Party

It is celebrated in cities such as Madrid, Toledo, Valladolid, Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Granada and many others.

Legend has it that it all began in a student apartment in Madrid, and then grew to become the macro parties that are celebrated today in many of the most important cities of each province.

These are very crazy parties attended by hundreds or even thousands of university students, and in which there is music, all kinds of animations, shows and activities to encourage students. They also have their own festival, Disaster Fest.

The organization is linked to Disaster Club, and that is the closest thing in Spain to university fraternities, because unlike their parties, which are open to all students, to enter the club you must be invited by another member.

#2. San Cemento

On the last Thursday of April of each year, 15,000 students take the Complutense to celebrate “San Cemento”, the unofficial patron of the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University.
It’s a macro meeting which year after year brings the Rector head-on, and which has received many criticisms by the state in which the spaces of the University remain.

If you are going to celebrate San Cemento, have a great time! But do not forget to collect what you dirty.

#3. The holidays of Grace

From the Capital we go to the Condal City, Barcelona. In the legendary district of Gracia, between August 15 and 21, its Festival is organized, with live performances and all kinds of activities. Some festivities that have been celebrated since the last 200 years.

It is not an exclusive party for University students, but the students make it theirs to make the most of their hours of freedom a few days before starting the new academic year.

#4. San Pepe

And yes, we mentioned a few lines up to “San Cemento”, now we go to another saint with a much more common name … “San Pepe”, in Zaragoza.

The university party of San Pepe is probably the most important in Zaragoza, and is celebrated in March, in the Amusement Park.

Concerts, Dj’s, costume parties, poker tournaments, and even foosball! There are prizes of 50-100 €, and although you have to pay entrance, the price is symbolic.

A great choice to enjoy a party in which you can meet interesting people and have fun with endless activities.

#5. New Year’s Eve University of Salamanca

We know! We are starting 2018 and we have just celebrated the Christmas Parties. But if we talk about university parties, we cannot miss the New Year’s Eve in Salamanca.

Each year, thousands of students gather a few days before the official New Year’s Eve calendar to bid farewell to the year with a big party.

Fleet buses from Madrid and other parts of our geography to start the pilgrimage to the New Year’s Eve University of Salamanca, which is held in the Plaza Mayor.

During that day you can enjoy discounts at a good number of pubs and local associates.

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But they can also enjoy the company of other residents, with whom you can share experiences and, why not, attend some of the best university parties in Spain.

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