Until recently, a student newcomer to the university was an 18-year-old (or even 17-year-old) who had just dropped out of high school. But now the trend has changed. The University students aren’t so young anymore. Why this new trend?

In the past, being a college student meant still seeing some pimples, having a bad coat badly spread over the face in the case of the boys and having a very recent photo on the driver’s license.

Now, however, studying at university with a wife or husband, having children and having extensive work experience behind them are some of the characteristics of the new university students. Or at least, a significant part of them.

And is that the university is no longer just for young and young people with all their lives ahead. Now it´s more frequent each time a type of college student who can perfectly comb his first gray hair.

A new study reveals that 70% of students are over 25 years old

That is the conclusion reached by the report published by MarketPlace. But there are still more, because 7 out of 10 university students not only have passed the best years of their youth, but are also workers and have family.

But the MarketPlace study focuses on the US education sector. What happens to Spanish students? Can the results be extrapolated to university students in our country?

The average age of Spanish university students

In fact, the phenomenon also occurs in Spain. Already for the academic course
2013-2014 the Ministry of Education conducted a study in which it was concluded that among the types of university students began to increase a profile of older students.
The most significant data centered on the age of graduate students:
• Over 30 years: 12%.
• Over the age of forty: 6%.

But the most surprising thing is probably the speed with which the changes have taken place during these years. The ministry report reflected that recent graduates over the age of 40 had increased by 129 per cent over the previous 5 years.

Why are there more mature students at the universities?

The 2013 study was carried out at a time when the economic situation of the country was at its worst. High unemployment and job instability may have led many people to join the university to secure a better future. But is it just for that reason?

It´s possible that society is increasingly aware of the importance of continuing education. People retain the ability to learn throughout their lives; Why limit the years of training to youth? Why give up the possibility of continuing to acquire knowledge in other stages of life?

Maturity and seniority, after all, could play in favor of these new students. It’s never late to learn!

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