“Student life is the best”. Surely you have heard this sentence more than once around you. But… is this so certain?

No doubt that student life has many advantages. Long holidays, not having to put up with a bore boss, certain freedom with schedules… However, like with other occupations, being a good student requires a great deal of effort, tenacity and perseverance.

If you are a student and you want to make the most out of this stage of your life you should start up study habits that help you squeeze your possibilities to the fullest. Remember that everything you achieve now can determine the rest of your professional future.

You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but stay calm because we can help you to reach your goals. To do this, we have prepared a list with the top 5 habits that will help you to improve your life as a student. Let’s start!

5 study habits to succeed

These are the key study habits that you should start up in order to have a good academic performance.

#1 Give your body the rest it deserves

Your brain is the greater tool that will allow you to achieve your studying goals. Every day you push it to the top. For this reason, you should provide it with all the loving care that it deserves, starting with a good rest.

You should sleep at least 8 hours per day. If you manage for your rest to be stable, always at the same schedule, even better. You know yourself better than anybody. Therefore you must choose by yourself the schedule that suits you more for study and rest.

What is usual is to sleep at night. However, there are people who perform better at nighttime hours. If this is your case, take advantage of those hours of high concentration and find time to sleep during the day when your school schedule allows you to.

Disconnect and rest to be at your best again is an essential study habit. And remember, stuffing yourself with studying the previous nights before an exam has never been a good idea.

#2 Plan your day in order to optimise your time

A good planning is the best study technique that you can start up to improve your life as a student. Establishing schedules will allow you to keep order, be more productive and optimise your time.

Try to establish a regular routine that includes both the class timetables and the study schedule, and don’t forget your time for rest and leisure. If you perform tasks of the same type during the same timeframe, your mind will be more focused.

Try to check your study material every day so as to create study habits. It is vital to fulfill the timetables marked so that you don’t stray from achieving your goals and objectives.

Create a study calendar with small objectives. A scheduler, an agenda or an app for students are very useful tools for this task. Every time you reach those small targets, mark them as surpassed and, why not? Give yourself a whim as a reward!

#3 Disconnect in order to resume study with more energy

Keeping timeframes for disconnection and leisure is as important as setting a planning for study. Search for gaps in your routine to do what you like most: jogging, going for a walk, going to the cinema, going to a concert, watching your favourite series, going out for a beer with your classmates,… Any option is good as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Once you have taken a breather, resume the task marked in your study calendar and take the fullest advantage of it. In this sense it is important that you don’t forget to turn off any distraction around you, like the smartphone or television. That WhatsApp message from your friend or the latest Instagram story can wait.

Keeping these relaxing breaks will help you overcome the hard moments every student has to deal with during their career.

#4 Create your own study method

There isn’t a study method better than other. Drafting diagrams, using mnemonic rules, underlining, using colours, drawing, making mental maps, reading out loud or hand writing notes are some of the methods you can use. All of them are equally valid, so the choice of one or another varies depending on the student.

Create your customized method by selecting the study techniques that give you better results. Don’t be afraid to try and change, you will eventually find a method that meets our needs.

#5 Love what you do: the best study technique

Many students choose one career or another according to outside opinions without taking into account their true vocation. This is a terrible mistake. If you choose to study something that doesn’t fulfill you, it will take double effort to get it off the ground. It may even turn to be impossible.

Don’t ever allow yourself to be swayed by your environment and fight for whatever you really wish to study. You’re going to devote lots of hours from your life to it, if you do it with passion and love the results will be exceptional.

Now you already know the study habits that will help you to improve your life as a student and to reach the best results. It’s time to set them in motion, and don’t forget about what’s more important: enjoy this stage to the full because it will never return!

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