We’re in October, It has been a few weeks since you started classes, but it’s still hard for you to return to your routine! It’s normal, don´t worry.

Luckily, we have a list of motivational techniques that will help you get back to college. Do you want to know them?

The summer breeze, the afternoons in the pool, the summer love affairs … All those sensations are still fresh in your memory. But the time has come to take it up: the summer is over, and we are already in the autumn. It’s time to wake up!

Before you know it, the practices, the jobs, the exams! And you there, still sighing for the summer you left behind.

If you’ve been asking what you can do to get rid of laziness and not get so hard to start focusing on studies, you’re in luck. We bring some motivation tips and practices that will help you put your batteries.

Techniques to motivate yourself in your return to the university 

A continuación encontrarás algunas de las técnicas para motivar que más resultados ofrecen.

Below you will find some of the techniques to move that offer more results.

#1. Set goals

One of the best known motivation techniques is goal setting.

We often face problems without a plan, roughly and without a time perspective that allows us to set deadlines. Big mistake!

If, on the other hand, you take a project, and divide it into small objectives, everything will seem more reachable, you won´t be overwhelmed and you will achieve great things little by little and without hardly realizing it.

Now apply that to the course and the subjects. Set deadlines to learn X lessons before the exam, or set a deadline to make each section of your TFG or your TFM.

When the deadline is reached, examine the situation to see if you have been able to meet each of the objectives.

The results are noticed!

#2.Get organized!

Yes, yes, we know it. Carrying everything up to date isn´t easy. But it´s essential to achieve your goals, as we have indicated in the previous section. You leave tasks for later, and when you want to realize, you don´t even know where to start!

But all this happens because we have a tendency to procastinate . If you really start to organize, taking it all day will not cost you effort, you will feel good and you will be more motivated or motivated!

#3. Use productivity tools

And to organize yourself, nothing like using any of the apps for students that allow you to maximize your time and your efforts.

Entrepreneurs and the founders of the leading successful start- ups use these resources to grow as professionals.

Calendars, apps to take notes … In this post with the best applications for students you have more information.

#4. Practice exercise

More and more studies show the effects of physical exercise on the brain. Some of the functions and cognitive skills that improve are:

– Memory: essential for a student.

– Brain plasticity: that is, the ability of the brain to adapt to new situations and learn.

– The executive functions: are those that allow to regulate the behavior, those that allow to elaborate a strategy, carry out an action plan, achieve goals …

But also, thanks to its regulatory function of brain chemistry (serotonin, endorphins, melatonin , GABBA …), physical exercise recharges your batteries, keeps you awake and active, and gives you the motivation kick you need.

#5. Give yourself a prize!

To motivate you, the best you can do is to give yourself a treat from time to time. Whenever you want? Do not!

Give yourself a reward every time you have reached one of your goals. Your brain will associate the reward with the effort you have invested to achieve your goal and help you to face new tasks with enthusiasm.

And here we come with the techniques to motivate yourself in your return to university. We hope you have found it useful.

Remember: less is more! And thanks to these methods, you will be able to perform more with less effort, and you will gain time to go out, be with your friends or go to the movies.

And if you are looking for accommodation to come to study in Madrid, In Vitium flats for rent for university students you will find the best environment to focus on your studies. And without giving up living incredible experiences.

We will wait for you!

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