In Spain, 214.000 young people graduate every year, and many of them wonder «and now, what will I do?» . If you are about to graduate, or have started to worry about your near future when you end college, as follows are some of the alternatives opening to you.

Ending college is a special moment in life for any young person, and for those students that are not so anymore. Finishing graduate studies means reaching the finish line after a long-distance race.

However, in spite of that moment being so special, after celebration and the deserved rest during summer…doubts about what will happen after always arise.

Today we would like to share some ideas about what you can do after ending college. The choice is yours!

What can I do after I end college?

The most basic question you must ask yourself is if you want to continue studying or venture into the labour market. But wait! It is not so simple, since there are some intermediate options that you should also know about.

Let’s see all of the possibilities.

#1. Study another career

There are more and more students with a double or triple university degree. Counting on a second university title can truly open more doors to the labour market.

On the contrary, this choice can also entail some inconveniencies. Starting another university degree means postponing even more your entry into labour market, unless you combine your studies with a job.

But if this is really what you want, and your circumstances allow you to, go ahead with it!

#2. Register into a Master´s Degree

If what you want is to keep on boosting your curriculum before you enter the labour market, without studying another career, a Master´s Degree might be the best alternative.

Master’s Degree studies are more specific and their duration is only 1 or 2 years. In order to access some positions like, for example, secondary teachers, having the specific Master´s Degree is compulsory.

You may be interested in our article about the most solicited University Master’s Degrees.

#3. Doing an internship

Did you think you can only do internships during the career? There are also internships for new graduates.

There are many internship programs for recent graduates, university graduates, etc. A very interesting one, specially if you wish to profit from some time abroad, is the Internships Program for university graduates from the European Union.

#4. Leaping into the labour market

If you need to get into the labour market the soonest possible, or you are willing to do it in order to start building your life project, Go ahead! You are ready.

In Spain, the employment rate for university graduates amounts to 79,8%. Although it is an improvable figure, it is above the percentage reached by young people who don’t have a college degree.

This means that your effort will have its reward, because you have greater possibilities of finding a job than without a career.

In order to start on the right foot, it is better for you to look for some advice, either at the INEM (National Institute for Employment) office or at the COIE (Center for Orientation, Information and Employment) of your own college.

#5. Working Abroad

During crisis, many young Spaniards decided to try their luck working abroad. But currently it is still a good moment to do so. Crisis is definitely not the only reason for leaving abroad for a working season.

Your will learn a language, discover a new culture and open your mind.

There are all types of multinational corporations and international organizations that offer programs that ease the difficulty for young Spaniards to travel abroad in order to take up a work position.

Checking the website for the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, where you can find the calls for work and training for Spanish graduates abroad, may be a good start.

Hopefully we have offered you some guide with this list of options of what you can do after ending college.

At Vitium students flats for rent for students in Madrid we have accompanied many young college students during all their trajectory, and we love to have news from them after they graduate.

We are convinced that you are also going to do great. Future is at your feet!

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