The new technologies and the masification of knowledge as a product of globalization, and the number of opportunities for training of the actuality, so when we are talking about to specialize in something it has become one of the most important decisions for any professional.

That is why we have the master programs. But which are the most demanded/desirable master’s degrees on/by the labor market?

To grow, to achieve and fight for better career, to get a better monthly payment/retribution and even to reach the highest level of the corporate flow chart.

There are many motivations to study a master´s degree, but if the main reason to study is to have better opportunities on the job market, you need a master with output.

Today we speak about the most demanded master’s degrees, which would help you to get a brilliant professional future. Do you want to know which they are?

The most demanded master´s degree for the companies

It would be of no use to study a master that only appears as a decorative element in your CV. Your studies should be useful, you must boost your career, develop to a higher level and be the springboards to find a job that makes you succeed professionally.

How can you be sure that your master will be useful? Choosing among the most demanded by the companies. And here are some of them.

MASTER in Business administration and management

Historically it has been one of the most popular. Nowadays, his professional projection is among the best in the world.

Those whom attends this course, would be able to learn to have a strategic and global vision of business activity, will be closely related to each functions and activities of every each department and you will learn about the ¨Know-how¨ and methods of decision-making in the context of an ever-changing market.

The MBA will train you for the entrepreneurship, for the performance of roles as manager, or to improve your professional projection on the field of the company.

You can apply for MBA at any of the business schools in the Chamber of Commerce or at the Compultense University of Madrid.

Professional master’s degree in account audit

Few professions instill as much respect as that of the auditor of accounts. A job that requires great technical knowledge, but also is quite desirable.

It is a master’s degree designed for Bachelors graduated in Economy, Administration and Business management, but also for other degrees related to accounting and finance.

You can study it at the Financial Studies Center

Master in management of human resources

The companies evolved in last few decades, no doubt, and one of the most valued professionals of this transition is the Manager of the HR department.

The success of an organization depends on how would manage its most precious asset:

The human capital.It is necessary to have good eyes that are able to recruit the best, and that can handle all kinds of situations with the employees of the company.

ne could say that it is a transversal master, because it includes all the necessary knowledge that a department of Human resources of a company must have on the rest of the organization

You can attend this master’s degree at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

4. Master in Finance

Best for professionals in commerce, economics or engineering.

The degree in finances can be usefull in virtually all labor camps. The finance sector has been modernized around other aspects such as fintech, digital banking, blockchain, and others.

The finance sector is one of the most experiencing sectors a real revolution due to digital transformation, and in the near future it will be necessary an injection of good professionals who understand the changes that happens in this area.

A good professional with a master in finance has the ability to plan strategies for private companies, banks, regulatory institutions, and even to work as a stock investor for a particular commercial firm.

There is a great offer of centers where you can take this master’s degree, and you also have it available in the Complutense University.

The best Spanish city to study a master’s degree

The best variety of business schools and universities are in Madrid which converts it the Spanish city with best offers of Master’s studies that you can apply for.

Also, big companies, recruiters and headhunters with best deals, and future entrepreneurs who will transform tomorrow, where would they be if not in Madrid?

Studying a postgraduate course in the Capital is an advantage for any prospective student and if you dare to take a qualitative leap and complete your studies with one of the most demanded masters, why wouldn’t do it in Madrid?

In Vitium students flats in Madrid we offer you the perfect environment to reach your goals, in the best areas for students in Madrid.

In our student flats, you have all the comforts and a study environment where you can start to design your future.

In addition, the contact with other students of university studies will provide you with new experiences.
This could be your year of change!

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