Are you a student and need a job compatible with your schedules? Do you want to do paid internships? Or maybe, you just started and you’re looking for your first job?

If you are in any of these situations you should know StudentJob, a job search platform especially aimed at young people like you. Take a look at this post and discover what StudentJob is, what is your goal and how to get a job through this portal.

Come on … you’re interested!

What is StudentJob?

As the platform itself is defined on its website, StudentJob is a portal of work and practice for young talents.

The initiative was born in the Netherlands in 1999 and in a short time it managed to become one of the most successful employment websites for young students. This motivated its expansion to other countries such as Germany, Belgium or France.

StudentJob landed in Spain 10 years after his birth, and from 2009 until today has reached a whopping 800,000 registered candidates. If the number of records in StudentJob Spain is already striking, more so is the StudentJob International with 5 million candidates.

With these numbers you can surely get an idea of the potential of the portal. Seize it!

What is the purpose of StudentJob? What you can get

StudentJob has a clear purpose: to connect all those young students (from high school to the university stage) or recent graduates with companies that are looking for their talents.

In a complicated labor market, especially for young people, effective employment platforms like StudentJob are really valuable.

When you are studying, having some income is vital. If you want to get them by your own means, StudentJob puts at your disposal jobs that fit with your way of life and your study schedules. You can opt for part-time jobs, on weekends or summer jobs.

Likewise, the portal has a section dedicated to all those young people who seek to do paid internships in companies, or they need a first job when they still do not have experience.

Nor do they forget young people who want to enjoy new experiences in other countries with job vacancies abroad.

In short, the StudentJob platform helps you to face the world of work with good job opportunities.

Steps to follow to get a job at StudentJob

The process to get a job at StudentJob is simple. The first step is to access the portal and register on the platform. In the first registration form that you have to fill in, you will see that you are asked for information such as your name, surname, gender, contact including the e-mail, and a password.

The next step will be to shape your profile as a candidate that develops in three phases:

• On the one hand, the platform will request general information about you.

• In a next phase you will have to provide the information referring to your level of studies, including your curriculum. Have it on hand to upload it to the platform!

• In the third phase, you must explain the type of work you are looking for: what type of contract you are interested in, what work you want and the region in which you would like to find the vacancy.

• Once you click save, you are already inside StudentJob!

As soon as you complete your registration you can start to dive through the different sections of the portal in search of the job that suits your profile. When you find it, click on the vacancy. To confirm that your request has been correctly received, you will receive an e-mail.

Stay up to date with all the new vacancies, they come out every day !, and make all your requests online from StudentJob without having to kick up the street distributing your resume without rest.

From Vitium student flats we want your future professional to be promising and we want to help you to take your first steps in the field of work. Therefore, we are always aware of the latest news related to the student world.

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