There are places that mark our lives forever, and Madrid is one of them. If you are thinking of coming to study in the capital, these are some of the customs that will accompany you for life, and which show that you have been Erasmus in Madrid.

Each year 26,000 young people like you choose Madrid as a destination for your Erasmus scholarship. Each one of them has its own tastes, preferences and customs. But one thing is certain: when they return to their European cities of origin they take with them a piece of Madrid. And that shows in the small details.

Do you want to know what are the symptoms that indicate that you’ve been of Erasmus in Madrid? Let’s go there.

What you take to your country after having studied as Erasmus in Madrid?

Don´t scare. Some of the «after effects» of having chosen Madrid as a city to travel from Erasmus will seem very fun; Others, very serious. But we assure you that the balance is positive. It will be an incredible experience! Of course, everything has his price in this life …

# 1. You have an incredible ability to understand  Spanish spoken at ultra-fast speed.

The Spanish pronounce on average more than 7.8 syllables per second, while an Anglo-Saxon pronounces 6 syllables.

It doesn´t mean that the Spanish say more things, because in 10 syllables, a French brings much more information than a Spanish. But the effect is that the Spanish have a reputation for speaking very fast, and that is the impression that many Erasmus students take.

The locals speakers at a rate similar to the Spanish average … until we get stressed!

If you can understand a Madrilenian by asking him a street address at rush hour, you are able to understand any Spaniard under any circumstances.

Coming from Erasmus to Madrid is to receive an intensive course of Spanish … or rather an intensive Spanish course?

# 2. You can boast of having tested Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in your own meats

Albert Einstein discovered that in the Universe, time and space are relative. But other scientists had to do some experiment to prove their theory.

But you have tried the theory of relativity for yourself. You’ve done your own experiment. What’s more, you’ve seen it with your own eyes. In fact, what Einstein did not know is that in Madrid, space and time are more relative than anywhere else in the Universe. Not even in the black holes!

For example. If a Madrilenian goes and says: «I arrive in 5 minutes», that is relative. See if it’s relative that you can spend an hour and a half waiting.

But not only with time, but also with space! When you go somewhere with a Madrilenian and he says, «We are close», be prepared to spend 30 minutes walking, take two buses and the subway. It doesn´t matter that you look at it when you arrive; The Madrilenian goes and says: «You see? I told you it was not far. »

# 3. When you see a taxi you jump over him like a cheetah on his prey

All Erasmus has to undergo a very important initiatory ritual: gape at how a Madrid man is and take the taxi he was about to take.

It is not important what you do; the first time they are going to take it from you. You must be crafty, to monitor to your similar dam it approaches from off, to look around to insure yourself that no person from Madrid stalks for the surroundings. To call to the taxi and to start running towards him.

Beware of the old ladies! They are very competitive hunters. If you see one, the better you get to a safe distance, the prey is lost.

# 4. The holidays will not be what they were for you after being from Erasmus in Madrid

You, who have been in Kapital, Mondo Disko and other of the best discos in Madrid. What are you going to talk about parties …?
This is one of the typical side effects of having been to Erasmus in Madrid. I’m sorry, but going out for discos is no longer the same for you.

Try to avoid comparisons if you want to have fun the rest of your life!

# 5. The parks will know soon ...

You have strolled through the Retiro Park, with its street performers, its statue of Beelzebub and its Crystal Palace. What do I say … you’ve even sailed by boat on the Retiro Lake!

If you’ve gone all the way, I’m sure you’ve had to improvise a picnic to regain strength.

After your stay as Erasmus in the Capital of Spain, the parks will stay small for the rest of your life.

Have you already found your Erasmus residence in Madrid …?

One of the most comfortable and practical ways to stay during your stay is to find a student flats for Erasmus in Madrid. Thanks to services that include residences, foreign students can focus on touring the city, getting to know the culture better, learning the language, and, of course, studying.

Luckily, finding an Erasmus residence in Madrid is very simple, you are in the right place!

In Vitium Residences we counted the 4 best student flats for students of all the city. In fact, ours are luxury Erasmus student flats in Madrid.

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