Do you have that strange feeling that all possibilities are open to you? Can you almost guess a glimpse of the adventures you have left to live? Do you feel that in the stomach …?

It’s called freedom! You leave the nest, probably for the first time, to study in Madrid with the Erasmus scholarship. But don´t forget that freedom also implies responsibility. That’s why it’s good for you to know some recommendations for Erasmus students in Madrid.

Leave Erasmus. The scholarship that has most changed the European social scene, and more has helped to build a spirit common to the countries of the Union. For many, an opportunity dropped from heaven.

But the truth is that the opportunities you have to know how to manage to get the most out of them. For this reason, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared an initial guide for Erasmus students, ideal for Spaniards who will travel abroad.

But there are also those who travel from other places in Europe, to Madrid. A city that receives between 40,000 students each year through the Erasmus program. And as we live the reality of the Erasmus students day by day, we know something about that. For this reason we have decided to write this small guide for the Erasmus who come to study in Madrid.

The best recommendations for Erasmus students who want to express their experience to the fullest.

If you are preparing your trip to Madrid as a European student under the Erasmus program, these tips are for you!

# 1 Prepare the ground

Nothing better than being prepared in advance.
The most advisable thing is that, before starting the classes at the university, come to know the capital, meet the people with whom you are going to live and streamline all the paperwork.
With this you will gain 2 things:
Zero burdens and troubles at the beginning.
A solid network of contacts as soon as you start your course.
That is why this first of the sacred rules of all Erasmus students.

# 2 Integration is a priority

Something that costs all Erasmus students is that of taking off the «tourist uniform» to put the clothes of «one more in the city». Of any citizen. But, making this integration effort is what will allow you to enjoy the city with different eyes.

The good thing about this is that Madrid has many places to walk, meet, interact with people, and feel more comfortable every day. You will be here for a few months, and it`s not pleasant to feel like a stranger to the city every day.

# 3 Organization is the key to success

There are already more than three decades of Erasmus. Millions of people have tried the experience. If we asked them for advice, do you know what their recommendations would be for Erasmus students? The organization.

Although your purpose is to study, you also have to take advantage of the experience to discover new things, learn the language, meet people (possibly future contacts, bosses, suppliers, partners, clients …), enjoy and share with your colleagues, and maintain communication with the family.

To do all that you need to organize. If you don`t do it, you will feel that time is not enough for everything, and the same field will always be affected: studies.

# 4 Apartment, residence, college … Ask yourself what type of stay is best for you

Although the price is the main attraction for renting a shared student apartment, it`s not always the best. In fact, there are several reasons to opt for a university residence in Madrid.

The most obvious, as your purpose is to render academically and enjoy the study, you will not want to take care of expenses, to negotiate with the landlord, to solve problems with Wi-Fi.

#5. Have fun!

You will have many obligations, responsibilities that you didn`t have when you lived with your parents … But even so, you should not forget the fun.

Once your university time is over, you will have few possibilities to travel to another city to interact with a lot of people like you, and with a part of the costs covered. Take advantage of!

Enjoy it as well as you can, without committing excesses that you could then pay dearly. Only enjoy your independence and all those new experiences that you will live.

Feel at home, come and live at the Vitium student FLATS. We make it very easy for you!

If you are going to stay in Madrid, it is better to do it in a university residence that offers all the services and amenities so that you feel at home and can focus on your studies and your experiences as a student in a foreign country. It is one of the best recommendations for Erasmus that we can give you.

In the Vitium student flats you can truly enjoy your stay as an Erasmus student, while we take care of everything so that you are as comfortable as at home.

Take a look at our luxury student flats in the most central and busy areas of Madrid. Surely you will fall in love!

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