The great European capitals are characterized by being cosmopolitan, eclectic and modern cities, and Madrid was not going to be less.

And there is nothing that contributes more to the diversity and wealth of the city than its neighborhoods. Today we talk about the best areas for students in Madrid.

In Madrid, each neighborhood has its own history, its essence, its personality! If you have never lived in the Capital, or do not know the city, because you are from another part of the national territory, or because you are a European student, it is normal to ask yourself which are the best areas for students in Madrid.

In Vitium we want to help you choose the area that goes the most with your way of being, or the one that best suits your circumstances. That is why we have decided to create a list with the best areas for Erasmus in Madrid, or also for Spanish students, of course

!we are close to the best bars and restaurants in madrid!

Areas for students in Madrid that will make you fall in love

What are the most successful districts and neighborhoods among college students? Which of them is the best to live your university time? What areas for Erasmus students in Madrid should you consider if you come from somewhere else in Europe? Here is our list!


A district very frequented by students, given that it is located next to the University City. For that reason it has a considerable demand for housing for students.

It is an area with a large number of green spaces, sports centers, swimming pools and countless enclaves where any student can practice practically any activity.

It also has various fundamental and distinctive elements of the city, such as the Moncloa Lighthouse; the cable car of Madrid; the Victory Arch; etc.

La Latina

For students who are looking for a cheaper neighborhood, who are going on the road or love gastronomy, the neighborhood of La Latina is a good option.

It is the perfect place to enjoy delicious tapas, have a drink or a few drinks in the many places, restaurants and bars that are located between the two main arteries of the neighborhood: La Cava Alta and La Cava Baja streets.

Within the neighborhood of La Latina, Vitium has one of its luxurious student flats for students, in Ronda de Segovia, 13.

The Flats has 6 excellent and bright rooms that offer the tranquility that every student needs, and with all the comforts and services that allow you to concentrate on what really matters: study and share your experiences with other colleagues.

Just 200 meters from the residence is the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of Almudena, a perfect location for your stay as a student in Madrid.

Oh, and if you like live music, in La Latina you have several clubs where you can get good doses of decibels live.

Gran Vía

Located between Calle de Alcalá and Plaza de España,Madrid, Gran Vía is the city’s main thoroughfare, the nerve center of Madrid, full of fashion shops, restaurants, places … Everything is there. It is the ideal place to go shopping, sightseeing or spend your leisure time.

Some of the most emblematic buildings and with the greatest artistic and architectural value of the city are in this area. The Carrión building, where the old Capitol Cinemas were located; the building of Seguros Estrella, with its monumental portico with sculptures from Greco-Roman mythology; or the mythical Telefónica building.

Its numerous recycled theaters and dedicated some of them to musicals have made him deserve the name of the Madrid Broadway.

Precisely because it is one of the best areas for students in Madrid, in Vitium we have two student flats for rent located on Gran Vía.

Sudent Flats in Gran Vía, 15: a flat with 14 spacious and comfortable rooms, with a decoration that fuses the classic with the modern, and all the services that a student needs for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Student Flats in Gran Vía 61: has 13 spacious rooms in the best area of ​​Gran Vía for an exclusive stay. Perfectly equipped and with an avant-garde and functional decoration.

Puerta del Sol

Very, very close to Gran Vía there is another of the most emblematic areas for Erasmus and autochthonous students of Madrid, for what it represents: we speak, obviously, of the Puerta del Sol.

A symbol of the city easily recognizable anywhere in our geography , and also in the places of origin of the Erasmus students who choose Madrid as the destination city.

There is the authentic center of Madrid, and of all Spain, given the location of the famous Kilometer Zero, the origin of all radial roads.

But for what is more known the Puerta del Sol is because there are celebrated every year the 12 bells that welcome the new year, on January 1.

Very close to Puerta del Sol, only 100 meters away, Vitium has another one of its floors with luxury rooms for students, on Calle Arenal, 16. Equipped with 13 fantastic rooms, with unbeatable natural lighting, completely isolated from the noise , with a vanguard decoration, and with all the comforts and services that a student could wish for.
If you stay in it, you can truly say that you were living in the center of Madrid!

Have you already chosen one of the student and Erasmus areas in Madrid to live unforgettable experiences as a university student?

We hope that we have helped you to select the best place to reside during your stay.

If you want more information about our Student flats, which as you have seen are located in the best area for students from all over Madrid, get in touch with us! We are waiting for you.

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