It is definitive: in a few weeks you will enjoy your Erasmus scholarship in Madrid! A mixture of emotions runs through your body.

You fear the unknown. However, the euphoria of living one of the most intense and important experiences in your life compensates for any fear. It is time for you to know the sacred norms that all Erasmus should know to take the maximum advantage of this experience.

And now? Where to start? Before preparing the luggage and look for accommodation for Erasmus in Madrid like a madman, read this post.

We have prepared a list of 7 sacred rules for you to survive your Erasmus in Madrid.

Let’s go there!

7 advices to enjoy the most of your Erasmus in Madrid

Spain is one of the favorite destinations for European Erasmus students. The country receives more than 35,000 students each year with the desire to learn and enjoy a new culture. If you are going to become one of them and you are planning your Erasmus in Madrid, here are 7 tips that you can not miss.

# 1 Plan and organize in advance

Start planning your Erasmus in Madrid in time to avoid last minute stress. Do not lose sight of the deadlines to deliver all the necessary paperwork required by the university. Collect all the information to arrive in time like directions, transports or dates.

# 2 Part with a basic level of language

Your Erasmus stay in Madrid will allow you to know in depth the Castilian language and practice it to the full. To get the most out of it is advisable to reach the capital with a basic level of the language, will allow you to advance faster in your learning.

# 3 Relate and create ties

A big mistake of the Erasmus students in Madrid is that they form a small circle of friends with other Erasmus fellows who are foreign and limited to it. Have your group but do not just stay with that.
Connect with everyone. Take the opportunity to meet locals; Living its culture from  inside will be able to enrich your Erasmus experience in Madrid.

# 4 Travel as much as you can

Although your accommodation for Erasmus in Madrid is located in the capital, you should not miss the opportunity to travel around the country and enjoy all that has to offer.

Spain is a dream country with a culture, a gastronomy, some traditions and an enviable climate. Also, you can easily move around with trains and buses.

# 5 Do not stay still

Staying busy is vital to express your Erasmus in Madrid. The capital of Spain offers hundreds of possibilities of leisure and culture. Participate in local events such as concerts and shows. In Madrid there are always things to do, do not miss out!

# 6 Keep in touch with your own

If you are Erasmus in Madrid you may miss the family and friends who remain in your home country. Take advantage of new technologies to talk often with them. Do not limit yourself to SMS or WhatsApp, you can also use Skype and leave your own peace of mind by showing that you are still alive.

# 7 Hosting is key

The accommodation for Erasmus in Madrid is vital because without it you have not insured and you have not managed to find a quality one, your stay can get to let down. Do not leave for the last minute the search of a house if you want to avoid problems.

Look  for a nice accommodation for Erasmus in Madrid

If you find yourself in an awkward, lousy and poorly communicated accommodation, your Erasmus stay in Madrid has many chances of ending up in disaster. Do not let this happen and look for a good housing option.

You have many possibilities and one of the best is to opt for a student flats. If you would like an accommodation for Erasmus in Madrid unique and that meets all your expectations, Vitium student flats are what you need. Discover all our services and choose the best to spend an Erasmus in Madrid that you will never forget.

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