The latest figures were encouraging. The rate of unemployed University stood below 10% last year to be the lowest in a decade. Increasingly, young university graduates who move into the work market.

So, if you are pursuing a degree come on! Each time is less to start awaited working life. If what you want is to accelerate the arrival to the world of work is a series of tips that you can implement to achieve this

To this end, we launched this new post with 5 tips to get a job before you graduate started!

5 tips that will help you get a job before graduation 

Is it possible to start working without having completed university studies and professional experience? Definitely, Yes. Here are 5 tips that will help you meet your goal.

#1 Pamper and launch your personal brand

Creating a good online reputation will allow you to pave your way to working life. Before, companies used to use job portals, Human Resources consultants and even the written press to post their job advertisements. Now everything has changed.

The Internet has become a key tool for finding employees. Companies have a single click away thousands of candidates for their job offers. How can you stand out from such a crowd of candidates? Very easy: working your personal brand.

Sit down and spend a few hours defining a strategy that allows you to gain visibility to companies. Analyze your strengths and discover what is best for you.

Once you are clear about the value you bring to the job market, make it known in the network. You never know who may be watching …

#2 Turn social networks into your best partner

Is your idea of looking for a job going door to door with a CV in hand? Seriously? Hurry up! We are in 3.0 time. Social networks serve much more than to see pictures of kittens or follow that fashion influencer on Instagram.

Use social networks to your advantage to find work. How? First of all and if you still don´t have it, create a professional profile on LinkedIn. This social network is perfect to establish relationships with people and companies in your sector.

Do not underestimate the power of networks like Twitter or Facebook. In the latter there are really interesting groups that you can access to make new contacts and keep up to date with the latest news from your sector.

An important advice: try to control the image that you expose yourself in networks. The Human Resources areas usually use the network to observe and analyze potential candidates.

If all your feed is full of informal photos or leaving college party with friends, maybe the image that is taken from you is not the most appropriate. Do not you think?

3 # Give networking a boost

The importance of professional contacts to get a job continues to carry a lot of weight today. Some numbers announce that 70% of job vacancies in our country are covered through the network of contacts.

The «I have a friend of a friend who would be interested in being part of this company» is the order of the day. There are curriculums that advance many ranks in the processes of selection of companies through networking.

Therefore, to know and knit a network of contacts around you is vital. The events are a perfect moment to present yourself before the leaders of your professional field.

Also take advantage of the power of social networks in this regard. Stay attentive to all the movements of the influential people in your industry

4 # Never leave train you

Constant training is one of the keys to successfully enter the labor market. Investigate what competencies the sector in which you want to find work is demanding and put the batteries to reach all of them

The offer of training today is overwhelming. Don´t content for just attending your university classes. Go to seminars, lectures, talks, cycles, job fairs, … Of all of them you can extract, at least, a teaching. In addition, you will be in contact with people in your area, thus reinforcing your networking strategy.

#5 Never leave your goals 

Perseverance, tenacity, persistence and patience are 4 words that you should burn with fire in your mind. The road to the world of work does not have to be simple.

Yes. It is true that there are those who know how to play their cards very well and are placed at the first. But, let’s be honest, these cases are minority. Do not ever stop fighting for your goals.

You will be able to shape your dreams. You just have to be constant and not give up. Your goal is closer than you imagine. Meanwhile, enjoy the road because it has a lot to teach you. Believe us

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