Studying English is important. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase as well as a thousand times. Parents, teachers and even colleagues themselves have been boring you with this topic for some time. The truth is, they’re right, and deep down you know it.

If you’re still thinking about why study English and can’t see the benefits it can bring for your student and professional career, stay here for a few minutes.

Let’s give you 7 reasons to study English that you won’t miss.

An advice before you start! 99% of the students who read this post are running for English classes as soon as they finish it. 😉

7 reasons why studying English is the best decision you can make 

If you want to have a successful academic and work career you need to study English. Only then will you be ready to knock on those doors of high professional office. But, We won’t keep you up any longer.

We begin the list with the 7 reasons for studying English that we have prepared for you.

#1 “A language to rule them”

The language used in all areas of global business is English. If you know English you will be able to work anywhere in the world without problems. Business meetings, sales and customer services, as well as marketing and communications are always in English.

English dominates not only the business world but also the technological, scientific and artistic world. If you love any of these branch of knowledge, and it’s where you want to grow out in your future, studying English should be on your priority list.

#2 It is one of the two most spoken languages in the world 

Only Chinese is ahead of him. English is the second most spoken language in the world. More than 60 of the nearly 200 countries in the world have English as their official language. The numbers are revealing, aren’t they?

If you like to travel and have studied English, you will have much easier to manage in other cities of the world. This will allow you more directly access their culture, be in closer contact with other people, make friends and not miss anything of your trip. Why? Because you know how to communicate fluently.

#3 Studying English will give you more opportunities 

There is a saying that English “is the language of opportunity”. We fully agree with this phrase. If you know English, you have more options not only work but also personal, tourist,…

The offer of language courses in our country is led by English. Yes, it’s true, you can also opt for others like German, French or Chinese.

However, you will always find it easier to find a school, academy and university that offers training in English, and almost at any time.

On the other hand, you can already find English courses adapted to any level and suitable for all pockets. And this is a plus.

Another reason to study English in relation with this point? These English lessons are a perfect meeting place for finding new friends.

#English will make you more desirable in front of companies 

Including English in your resume will cause employers looking to add new assets to their businesses to look at you with other eyes. Nowadays, people without languages have a tremendous gap in their curriculum that only an impeccable academic record or unspoken job performance can fill.

Certainly, having a knowledge of English is an indispensable requirement for most companies, not only international, but also Spanish.

#5 Studying English gives you access to a higher university offer 

Only if you study English will you be able to choose to enter some of the best universities in the world as it is considered the language par excellence of higher education.

If you want to go to such prestigious universities as Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge, don’t waste your time and study English.

You must know something important. In many of these colleges, if your native language is not English, you need to go through an admissions process where your knowledge of the language is evaluated.

#6 You can access a higher level of culture 

.Many of the world’s best publications are written in English. Being able to read those documents in the language in which they were written is going to allow you to get their whole essence. Let’s be honest, sometimes the translated works lose all their spark, do you agree?

And not only will you be able to access to texts in paper, but you will have the ability to understand that 55% of the world’s websites are written in English. Now that’s a highlight.

#7 You will test your brain 

The brain is a muscle. So you have to have it fully trained and studying is one of the best ways to do it. Learning English will be a mental challenge for you and will get your tongue to places in your unsuspected mouth.

We closed our list with 7 reasons to study English in the hope of helping you open your eyes to a language full of good things. Come on, tell us! Have we convinced you?

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