Living together has never been easy. We know it from our own experience, because we live it with our own family, at home we have some rules that we must comply with…

Well, in a shared student flat, we also must follow rules!

When we embark on an adventure and go with an Erasmus scholarship, or without it, to live in a shared student flat in Madrid or anywhere else, you are sure to live a unique experience.

It may be the first time you leave the nest, from the comfort of your home, and you will experience a feeling of freedom like you have never felt before but make no mistake. Freedom also implies responsibilities…

Rule 1: We take it in turns to clean

Creating a calendar with cleaning shifts is the best solution, keeping the house clean and tidy is essential for a good coexistence.

For this reason, and so that all flat mates clean in the same way, it is best to prepare a schedule with shifts cleaning the areas and rotate these tasks on a weekly or monthly basis.

However, it is essential to clean and collect everything we dirty as we go, to avoid conflicts with others.

Although in our Vitium residences  we include weekly cleaning service for common areas and rooms, we must be aware of cleaning what we dirty.

Rule 2: The possessions of others are sacred

You should not enter the room of another without permission, in addition to not taking anything that is not yours. We must respect the property of others.

If you need to take something like a soft drink or cookies, something for personal hygiene, you can ask its owner, think that if you leave something to eat or use later you would like to find it.

Rule 3: Smart use of electrical appliances.

In the kitchen we will surely find a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher among other things, we must think that if we use the microwave and it gets dirty, we must clean it, that we must stick to our space inside the refrigerator and keep it clean.

Rule 4: Consider the schedules and rest of all tenants and neighbors

Each one has their own routines and schedules; we must always respect these. It will be your turn to need to rest and you will appreciate that they respect your rest too.

Rule 5: Be kind to the rest of the flat mates

Remember that you are far from home and your colleagues will be the first to help you at any time, we must respect and accept the differences that we may have.

Surely there are more rules that can help us live together when we live in a shared apartment, can you think of any?

Residencias Vitium (place the web link) has several apartments in Madrid where you can stay when you come to study in the Spanish capital, all of them are very well located and have all the basics you may need for your stay, if you want to have more information you can contact us by  +34640079322

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