The importance for university students to have good habits is manifested in the academic yield, in health and in the good fortitude!

Today we are going to check some of these habits so you won´t miss the opportunity to be unstoppable in studies as in life itself.

More than important, it is essential that students in the university connect to its daily routine, full of exams, work and endless investigations, a series of habits to improve and reinforce their health but also to improve their performance on the academic field.

Here you are some tips to take better care for yourself!

1.1 Good habits for university students to get better their study performance

The Romans said: “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body”. And the fact is that the body and the mind do not work separately.

It is necessary to take care of one so that other works to the perfection. With the following habits or customs you will maintain a healthy and attractive body and will provide to your brain the energy and the yield that it needs to confront your life as student.

1. Do exercises regularly

It’s hard, at least at the beginning. You always excuse with the absence of time we know. But in the long run, your body will thank you. The difference between exercising, and not doing so, has a direct impact not only on academic performance, but also on memory, attention, and even mood.

2.We continue with the next tip, Healthy diet!

There are many Healthy diets and most likely you already have been thought about some of them.

What is important is to choose carefully one of them that suites you and complete it from the beginning till the end. Food, along with rest, is the most important aspect of a college student’s life. Let’s say, it is fuel!

Try to eat everything, and include vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts in your daily diet. But there are also small gestures that will hardly imply a change in your dietary routines, and that can make a big difference.

From never skipping breakfast, to moderating the consumption of energy drinks or coffee, they seems like some details but it is crucial to include them in your daily diet, because it is essential.

3. Pay attention to the circle of sleep, rest and be awaked!

According to a study carried out by investigators of the universities of Chicago and Illinois, 60 % of the students has its biological clock out of sync due to their class schedules.

It means that they go to sleep too late and wake up too early so unfortunately that directly have a bad influence or impact to their work as students in the university.

Sleep enough hours and adapt the rhythms of rest, to your calendar of activities, is crucial to the proper functioning of your brain, to the cognitive functions and memory, in the most optimal way possible.

4.Do variety of different activities

Students are not machines. That’s why, you cannot try to shut yourself up in the residence or in the faculty and do anything else but study.

At a certain point, the routine and fatigue will seize you, and your performance will drop drastically. Therefore, you must always try to do some other activities different than your studies, for example you can learn to play a musical instrument, do sport, or read something that excites you.

Thus, one of the healthy habits for university students will be not to follow a rigid routine of “habits”, diversify your activities, change tasks, places etc.

5. Walk along the city

Although it can be considered as an alternative activity, seems similar to those mentioned in the previous point, but walking deserves a point in part, because in addition to a recreational or leisure activity, it is also one of the most complete physical but also mental exercises, so going out, strolling, wondering achieves for both – mind and body.

Going out, meeting people, interacting, is a must when you study at the university. It will help you to know how things work in the city. In addition, thanks to its monuments and green areas, walking around Madrid is an whole new experience.

Nothing better, by the way, to make you walk, and help you maintain healthy habits than live near your university so the location allows you walk to it.

And since we talk about accommodation, to have everything in your favor, the win-win situation is to be surrounded by the best environment for your studies and also university life and actually that is all you need to have an ideal course.

If what you are looking for is a space for you, where you can concentrate, and where you can also make college life and relate to students like you, you need a stay to the extent of your expectations. In our Student flats in Madrid you will enjoy the best environment to get the most out of your life as a college student.

Come to the student Flats in Madrid Vitium and enjoy a comfortable and exclusive location that will allow you to get a great academic success without giving up a myriad of unforgettable experiences as a student. Contact us now. We’re waiting for you!

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