Business Administration? Law? Teleco …? Which are the careers with more labor exits? What can I study to guarantee an employment in the future? We help you to solve your doubts and to decide university career with the information on the table.

To choose career is one of the most important decisions in the life. » Do I devote myself to a vocational career? «, » Do I choose some qualifications that assures a future me on the labor market? «, » What happens if I do not find work of mine when it ends her!? «.

Which are the careers with more labor exits in Spain?

Whatever is your vocation, the employability is something that should be present in your criterion at the moment of deciding university career. This can depend on your future work, your professional satisfaction or even your personal self-realization.

Why is it important to know the careers with more professional exits?

When someone is unable to make cost his university degree on the labor market it is possible that is condemned to the unemployment or to exercising professions or occupying charges for that it is over-prepared.

In addition, a recent study of the University of Oxford, 47 % of the current employments traverses a great risk of there being automated in the future, which means that tomorrow the workers might be replaced with robots. The same dread was exposed in the Economic World Forum in Davos at the beginning of year.

And in this context of mechanization, Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry, etc., it is more important than ever to secure a future in the labor market.

In Residences Vitium we want to help you to take the correct decision. Because of it we have dived in the information to verify which are the university careers with more labor exits in Spain. Do you want to know which are?

The university careers with more labor exits

According to Infoempleo Adecco’s Report, the 10 most demanded careers attending to the percentage of offers of employment they are: Administration of Companies and Finance (4,41 %), IT Engineering (3,64 %), Trade and Marketing (1,92 %), Industrial Engineering (1,83 %), Administration of Companies and Law (1,40 %), Infirmary (1,38 %), Engineering telecommunication (1,15 %), Economy (1,05 %), Labor Relations and HR (0,94 %), and Psychology and Psychopedagogy (0,92 %).

The percentages can seem to be low, but there has been calculated on the total of offers of employment, which means that between all the offers of work in Spain, more than 4 % of companies was requesting a graduate in Administration of Companies and Finance, for choosing the most showy example.

But this information is not sufficient to choose university career …

University qualifications with higher employability

The opportunities of employment for every graduate not only depend on the offers of the companies and organizations, but also on the quantity of graduates ready to occupy them. This relation between demand and offer of employment is the one that the employability determines.

The report distinguishes three types of university qualifications depending on his employability:

1.       University careers of high employability: there is a low number of graduates and a greater demand. Most of the engineering in general, the career of Computer Engineer and Engineer in Telecommunications meet these characteristics.
2.       University careers of average employability: they have an average percentage of graduates and a demand also in the average. Medicine, Pharmacy and other scientific-sanitary qualifications, Chemical Engineering, Naval Engineering and Civil Engineering
3.       University careers of employability goes down: with a major number of graduates of whom it demands the market, we have the humanities, Philosophy, Law, Political Sciences, Journalism, Sociology, Social Work or Audio-visual Communication

In other studies, the university qualifications that more professional opportunities offer changes lightly. But all the reports coincide with the discharge employability of the engineerings and the scanty labor exits for the humanities.

What career I choose …?

To choose a university degree is a decision that you should not take lightly. It is possible that you have a very clear vocation from the beginning, or you are hesitating among several options.

Friends and family can help us make the right choice. But often is not enough. It is always advisable to let yourself be advised by a professional counselor. You can usually apply at your school.

In the prologue to the Coordinated Vocational Guidance Guide, a manual directed to counselors and educators, the philosopher and education expert José Antonio Marina gives some clues that can help you.
According to him, before choosing a university career you should answer the following questions:

·         Who I am and who do I want to be?: With what activity you identify, and you would like to identify in the future.

·         What do I want to do?: Have you some vocation? There is some profession that is passionate or it is called you the attention over other?

·         What do I know to do?: Which are your skills? What does give himself you well?

·         What have I to can do?: Ask Yourself what will need the world of the tomorrow. What professions will have demand of employment, and what they will demand you to accede to a work.

It is here where you have to investigate a bit, and you rest on information like that we have facilitated you.

If there is some discipline or qualifications that it fits into the answers to these questions, probably have before you the best choice for your future.

From Vitium we wait to have helped yourself to taking the best decision for your future in the professional world.

And if you come to study your university career in Madrid, in our students’ student flats you will find the environment that you need to reach the academic success in company of other students who are crossing the same stage in his lives. We will wait for you.

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